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What is Directv?  

Directv is one of the popular satellite tv services in America. Without any disturbance, DirecTV customer services give thousands of live streaming service with High definition quality.

If you switch to cable tv connections than it is less expensive. For the ones who love to watch live shows, videos, movies, sports, education, music this is the best platform. Directv provides several affordable packages and plans for its users except for ones that offer premium channels such as HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime, etc for three months. It gives access to free local channels without any extra charges with free installation facility. You will also get a digital video recorder facility where you can watch your favorite episodes and movies anytime.  Directv launched on 17 June 1994 and now it is rapidly growing in the satellite world. Today there are millions of people who are using cable boxes without wireless.

Advanced features

  • Internet connection – For accessing more content you need to have internet service or connect to AT&T wifi network where you can search internet plans and save your data with continue browsing.
  • Best signals range – With AT&T wifi service you can watch DirecTV entertainment with compatible devices in every corner of your room. It does not charge any fee for the routers.
  • Enjoy up to 50,000+ movies and shows in HD or 4k ultra HD.
  • Watch brand new games on every Sunday with DirecTV.
  • Get Monthly free DVR service free with DirecTV.

Directv services

  • AT&T internet
  • Home phone and AT&T Internet
  • AT&T wireless and DirecTV

Packages of DirecTV

To make your viewing experience live  DirecTV packages gives its users the best advantages such as :

  • Stream up to 5 devices at once
  • Get HD quality channels
  • Genie HD DVR update

*Including all channels

 Packages Channels     Cost

*Taxes are included and get $5 discount per month

Favorite channels
Select160+$40 per monthBravo, FX, HGTV, nick
Entertainment       165+$40Viceland, ESPI, sports, FS1
Choice190+$40cooking, network, own
Extra240+$60Fox, Net geo wild, travel
Ultimate255+A&E, animal planet
Premier$120  $120Showtime, HBO, Cinemax


Get more with Directv customer service center

Scroll and choose your method of dialing Directv customer number.

– Live chat with the representative of Directv

  • Go to the AT&T – contact website and choose the Directv or Directv Now
  • Then tap on the chat option
  • Type the question and solve your query
  • Connect with alternative methods such as web or email service

-Get incredible AT&T technical support

If you are acquiring the Directv issues then call the technical voice staff it fulfills every need of the internet. For internet and tv services call the AT&T support number .

*The voice team is available 24X7

-Directv social media

Directv or AT&T services are available on various social media sites. You can get the number and details on the social media platforms of these pages.

-Social profiles of Directv


  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Wikipedia
  • Instagram

-Directv Help center

Solve your problems quickly with the Directv help center. Visit the FAQ column for any query, if still facing issues then call our DirecTV customer service.

Makes your billing life simple

With the Directv contact service, it becomes easier for the users to take help on the installing the new equipment, occurring errors, or know about the devices (genie, genie mini), apps related questions call Directv representatives

Directv payments modes

Are you looking for how to pay Directv bills?  then here are the best ways you can choose to pay bills with DirecTV account.

  • Phone – Users can directly call the voice executives for the direct bill payments via phone.
  • Online –  Got to the website then log in the account view the statement option and follow the procedures.
  • Mail – directly mail a check or money order from your statement through mailing.
  • Location –  Directv does not have nearby store location but you can pay your bill in union western location.

*Directv charge extra amount for late fee submission

Order the DirecTV today

Make your Tv modern and alive than ever before and experience the Hd quality picture. Hurry up and order your DirecTV at the best price. You can order the DirecTV or DirecTV now with just one quick call on and know the plans and packages according to your area or you can enter the zip code online.  A friendly agent will guide you about the plans and discounts. So start your streaming with DirecTV today!

Services of DirecTV

  • Available 24 hours
  • Lowest price
  • Get best channel selection pack
  • Works on customer satisfaction

For new customers

  • If you are a new customer then it is very easy to upgrade your home entertainment with DirecTV. Just dial the professional service to order the DirecTV package. The customer care agent will visit through your order and then fix the standard installation which is free of cost.
  • Dial

For existing customers

  • On the other hand, if you are already a member then you can need to make the bundle. Add AT&T internet to the existing service. If the service of AT&T is not available in your nearby location then bundle your DirecTV with the regional services such as Verizon, HughesNet, century links.
  • You can also add more channels of entertainment, international and sports within your package.
  • Old users dial –

Don’t miss Sunday sports with Directv


NFL ticket 2019 session

If you are fond of sports then DirecTV is the leader. Watch live sports match every Sunday with DirecTV. There are 6-8 live matches you can easily record and replay.  Directv gives the best feature such as NFL Sunday ticket max, DirecTV fantasy zone, red zone channel, and many more exciting sports facility. You can watch live matches with other devices such as phone, laptop, PC, mobile, tablet, etc.

NBA league pass

This is a great service for the basketball lover. You can watch up to 40 games in a week with NBA tv. Enjoy the every Tuesday fan night with more than 90 brand new games and shows such as NBA game time live, NBA inside stuff and watch the live matches.  

Note- There are no extra charges in the 2019 session

Get international tv channels packages


Now you enjoy entertainment a with DirecTV from every corner of the world. Directv has the best package for its international users by giving two packages one is preffered choice other is a basic choice package. Users get the choice to stream unlimited content. After picking the language of your choice such as Italian, Brazilian, Mandarin, Korean, etc and then call to add the foreign languages channels in your pack. Spanish

Spanish packages

This is not all with direct Tv users can also access to Spanish language service through DirecTV. You can now watch your favorite international soccer team and premium channels that add Starz, Cinemax, Showtime, etc. Spanish package gives its users around 120+channels.

Learn more about DirecTV app, DirecTV now


Discover more with DirecTV apps

Directv is the king of home entertainment with the help of technology you can enjoy theatre feeling at home. Users get more live streaming benefits such as live sports, educational channels, etc if connected with they connected with DirecTV app. You can register 5 devices and stream one show at a time. There is no extra charge Apple or either Android users both can freely install the app. Get in touch with every type of programming information using the DirecTV app such as descriptions, episodes and their titles, images, airing movies, check the match score, etc.

Directv mobile app

Now you can switch to Tv programs everywhere and anywhere with the help of Direct mobile app.  Directv created this app only for the android and apple devices you can take your tv at any corner of the world and can access movies, episodes, live events, sports, etc. It not only allows its users to access on-demand channels and can watch live content through mobile app but also to control the DVR system using the mobile device. Directv viewers can also use iPad or tablet as a remote for more flexibility on mobile devices.

Directv TV apps

Connect with the larger viewing experience using DirecTV tv app. Here is a list of things you can enjoy with DirecTV app. This latest app gives its users a great opportunity to purchase or download movies until membership and watch your content offline.

  • Listen to Pandora radio station on your television
  • Check weather using the app facility
  • Know your friends what are you watching
  • Get quality entertainment experience every time

Advantages of direct app

  • recorded shows – watch the recorded shows
  • Watch 3-day backup shows and channels
  • Stream multiple contents
  • Click to restart
  • Watch on-demand content
  • Switch to the another screen
  • Next episode will automatically appear and click the play button
  • Download the DVR on tablet or phone

Supporting devices on DirecTV apps

These are some of the devices that support 4 to 9 IOS

  • Ipad,
  • iPhone
  • Ipad mini
  • Ipad touch
  • Android phone and tablet
  • Kindle fire HD and kindle fire

Solve Troubleshooting apps problems

Whether you are using the DirecTV app in your mobile or computer you can quickly solve the error on your device.

  • Go to the direct support website and enter the code given below
  • Read the instructions
  • Do not have code then type a letter
  • Check the dropdown list

Watch live channels and recorded episodes

This is one of the simplest options to stream 30 thousand channels and movies. Through these ways, you can watch instantly on-demand channels of your choice. Scroll the simple steps and download the shows through different devices.

Via mobile

  • Connect with wifi or internet
  • Go to the DirecTV app and click on watch DVR option
  • Select ON DVR and choose from the playlist
  • Then click to download the programs or show you want to watch

Offline mode

  • Open the DirecTV app and click on the menu bar
  • Select the browse for Tv and choose the listed receiver, if not then connect to the internet or other home service network
  • To watch the tv shows click on the device and type
  • Choose to watch your DVR or watch live tv
  • Select the program that you want to watch


  • Open the DirecTV entertainment website to watch the shows
  • Pick the option to watch online
  • Select live tv streaming

Watch Directv now

Directv now is the best streaming service in an affordable budget. This service is owned by the AT&T group. Directv now was launched on 30 November 2016. This is known as the traditional tv here you can view the DVR features. Amazing cord cutter service at a reasonable price for the apartments and local residents users in down areas.

Benefits :

  • Select the 5 packages to plan up to 130 channels
  • Stream live channels
  • Record tv on 2 devices
  • Choose the premium and international channels facility
  • No contract

*there is no installation process with the DirecTV now you can use with the compatible devices such as apple tv, Roku tv, etc.

Call DirecTV phone service number and grab 2 amazing services

Directv+AT&T make perfect pair

There is a huge package of internet services that saves the time of the services that you are looking at your home. After adding the AT&T internet services to any DirecTV package such as select or premium you will get the option to enjoy two in one service. Get in touch with the packages of DirecTV and join the internet streaming at your home.

Directv from AT&T service

You can instantly add the DirecTV package in whatever area the services are available. By dialing the Directv customer service you will get to know the price according to your location. Check the best deals and discounts on the packages and start your streaming from today onwards

Frequently asked questions

These are some of the common questions and issues asked by the customers every time regarding bundles, difficulties in making payments,

*Directv technical support service is available from 8 AM to 5 PM.

– How can I make automatic payments

  • Visit the DirecTV page and sign in the account
  • After seeing the auto pay bill then click on the enroll now option
  • Choose how you want to pay your bill
  • Check your details thoroughly
  • Click on the submit button

– Find the DirecTV account number  

Looking for how to create an account? Just click on the 9 digits number on top of the bill. You can easily log in to the DirecTV account or choose my overview.

– What can I do if I forgot the username?

  • Go to the DirecTV website and click on the forget username or password
  • Go to your account and select the menu
  • After connecting with AT&T fill your account details and billing code
  • Press the continue button and dropdown the menu
  • Check your mail for the activation of the password

– How can I suspend the DirecTV account?

If you are having a zero balance account then you can close it on a  temporary basis for a maximum 30 days. Call the customer service number while facing problems.

– What are the ways to delete the DirecTV account

Facing problems with the services or no longer interested then you can immediately call on the Direct phone number to cancel all the AT&T connections.

– Is there any cancellation fees for closing DirecTV services?

If you choose to cancel your account then the charges would be $20 before your plan expiration date.

– Can I access my DirecTV service on cloudy weather?

There are times when your connection may be interrupted due to inclement weather condition but this will only happen temporarily.  Or if there is any other problem then you can search the DirecTV page on twitter and facebook and find the details. Directv gives 99.9 % assurance of free signal eligibility.  

– What is the difference between DirecTV service and cable wires?

Directv services are more flexible and it gives both quality and quantity content. There is a 60% population in America who are using this service. Although cable wire is also not a bad option but still its technology of services is not updated. There are many cons with the cable wires such as signal problems, features not updated, no recorder, not access to 20+000 channels + free local channels.

– How can I connect my genie HD DVR with the home internet?

Fast internet connection of 2 MBPS is required to connect with the home DVR. You will be required a wireless router for internet access. Or else if you want to install then dial the professional services team.

– How to get the AT&T service if I call the DirecTV voice team?

Directv comes under AT&T services you can directly call the DirecTV staff for the hearing the AT&T messaging. Users can hassle free call the customer service center for any other queries.

– How to reset the DirecTV box?

Just press the button to reset your DirecTV setup box. Users can search the red reset button on genie on genie mini. Genie devices users can find the red button on the card section and genie mini device users can find the button on the backside of the device.   

– Can I connect and talk live to the DirecTV representative?

Easily connect with the DirecTV customer care staff 24X7. After verifying the process of a phone number in your account. Press the 0 buttons continuously before they state the reason for the call. Then you will be automatically connected with the representative.    

-How can I pay the bill directly?

Dial the customer service number for the direct bill or visit the and fill the requested information and get the complete details of the bill within 10 days.

-Can I watch local channels on DirecTV?

Directv offers multiple local channels that are available on HD. Mostly you will get local channels on the basic Tv package. There are many channels which are not available in HD quality.

-Can I upgrade my premium and sports channel?

  • Go to the DirecTV website
  • Sign in your account
  • Scroll the different link sections
  • Click on the options change package under my programming
  • See the package option
  • Choose the change package under the Tv package
  • Pick up your favorite channels

-Is there any contract in DirecTV service?

Yes, there is 2 years of contract with the DirecTV service

-How many international packages are available with DirecTV?

After subscribing the DirecTV you will get many packages.

  • EN ESPAÑOL™ – Spanish – Includes all three above
  • Brazilian Direct™
  • Filipino Direct™
  • Chinese Direct™
  • KoreanDirect™
  • VietDirect™ Plus
  • Russian Direct
  • Mediaset Italia
  • MÉRICAS PLUS™ – Spanish
  • MÉXICO PLUS™ –Mexican
  • DIRECTV® Deportes – Spanish

-Does the DirecTV have the option of supporting 5.1 audio?

No, but the video is supported on demand on either Amazon or apple tv.

-How many devices I can connect on my account for streaming service?

You can stream up to 2 devices at once depending upon your package you choose but the account is limited to only one profile.

-What is the major difference between DirecTV and DirecTV now?

Directv is the American satellite broadcast service for transmission. On the other hand, DirecTV now runs with internet access where you can stream multiple contents.

-What is the best way to bundle the At&T internet and DirecTV?

You can easily bundle each of them through the help of internet connection. It will save the cost of service.  

-What are the steps to navigate the DirecTV menu?

  • Select the menu from your favorite channel, recording and on demand
  • After pressing the list option find the recording and manage
  • Press the (-) button
  • Launch the screen

– Can I activate the direct Tv receiver online?

There is equipment which is downloaded by the company serviceman after signing your account. There is an option where you can activate the DirecTV service online. See the activation steps for activating DirecTV receiver online.  

  • Go to the Directv website
  • Select the activate receiver option
  • Fill your personal information
  • Input the details on the bottom of the receiver
  • Then press activate an option

– How to manage the DirecTV account?

Now managing account with the DirecTV is now become. Just login and handle your account easily.

  • Pay bill
  • Update the information
  • Check the statement
  • Sign up for paperless billing

-What is the procedure for installing the DirecTV

  • After ordering your Directv then you can make the installation appointment
  • A  professional technician will activate your DirecTV service
  • Then he will install  all the necessary equipment according to your date and time
  • The technician will set the satellite in the outer area
  • After fixing he will guide you how to use it.

-Do I need to get prepared before installing the Directv?

  • You need to be 18 years to present at the time of installation
  • Set up your television properly that is easily available for the installer
  • There should be clear access in the outer area where the satellite is fixed

Problems of Directv error codes

Error code 775 –

Indication -signs of error code

  • When the screen becomes black
  • The message appears on the screen saying the dish is not working


  • When the adjustment of the dist is out of service
  • Wire is damaged
  • Receiver is broken

Error code – 721

Indication – signs of error code

  • Channel showing the connecting problems
  • When the receiver is not showing the details


  • Restart or refresh your Directv page
  • Check the channel line up

– go to the Directv website

          – login your account

          – select the print channel lineup

          – tap on the package and choose and upgrade your channels

  • Restart your receiver

          – unplug your cord

          – wait for 1 min

          – tap on the power button

          – wait for the receiver to reboot

          – go to equipment and refresh the page

Error 722


  • When the receiver is not connected
  • A signal is poor
  • When the server is down

Error code 203 –  when your account is passed and services are minimized.

Error code 724, 725 and 726

  • When your Id does not match that the DirecTV listed in their system
  • The receiver Id does not match the card information

Error code – 731, 732, 733 and 736

  • When you are having difficulties in paying per movies and event through your remote control

Error code – 734, 741, 742, 743

  • When your receiver does not has programming information for the title you are going to oder.

Error code – 761 and 762

  • The message comes when you are watching live recorded and shows

Error code – 763

  • When your access card is expired

Error code – 771

  • The error occurs when you stop communicating with the satellite dish