Children today are exposed to various OTT and video-streaming platforms. Parents are usually tense about what content their children generally absorb daily. Undoubtedly, the increased use of smart devices, such as MAC, Apple TV, and more, makes it hard for parents to supervise their children.

We understand the issue here and want to assure you that, as parents, you’re not wrong. It is certainly not possible to monitor the kids’ activity every minute. However, there are several ways that you can use to ensure they access only age-appropriate videos and data.

This article mentions a checklist of things you can do to measure the content your children watch on OTT and other video streaming platforms. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s dig in!

1. Use Parental Controls on every Platform

Whether it is Netflix or Roku, every video streaming platform comes with parental controls. First and foremost, you must activate them to ensure that no adult content is accessible to your kids, especially on the devices they use at home. Apart from OTT platforms, you must also use adult sites on the system they use.

For instance, if they have a MAC, you should block all the websites that could run content inappropriate for their age. You can check this link,, to learn how to do it on MAC. It will help you ensure they are opening suitable sites on their system. It is advised to do it on every home system if the kids use them for their play or leisure time. You would not want to risk it.

2. Co-Watch Media When Possible

According to experts, one of the best ways to supervise the content your kids watch is to co-view it whenever feasible for you. The bad language and words used in movies equally affect children’s behavior. Therefore, you must take out time and review if any age-appropriate content makers are misusing liberty.

Whatever media your children watch should reinforce your family’s values. Your children should learn something good from those movies. That said, we understand that the sheer amount of media kids are exposed to makes it challenging to co-view or pre-screen everything. But, as the parents of digital-age kids, you’ve got to find ways that suit your parenting style.

3. Learn the Ratings Lingo

Digital-age parenting requires you to be updated with everything possible. No parents want their children exposed to vulgar language and sheer violent scenes. Therefore, you must learn the rating lingo to ease things for yourself.

The rates use specific brackets to make the videos adult, violent, horror, and others. While it is easier for filmmakers to understand ratings, it could be challenging for parents to do it. So, you must learn them. In addition, if any games or movies come with content guidelines and information, you must read them. It will help you understand why & how raters segregate their content. It will also aid in finding the best content for your kids.

Bottom Line

Exposure to inappropriate content before the children are mature enough to handle, it can cause behavioral issues. Therefore, it is essential for you, as parents, to take hold of the situation in as many ways as possible. We hope the above information helps you ensure media supervision of your kids.