Are you trying to fix your DirecTV now issues with laptop or PC that repeatedly says error not found? There are thousands of people who have been affected by this sign error very often. But don’t worry there are other options for the customers to move on from DirecTV Now Issues problem.

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Easy Ways To Fix Your DirecTV Now Issues

Generally, the error or DirecTV Now Issues comes when the cookie is outdated and it is still saved from past login. Follow these steps to fix your error If any of these options will not help then you can wait for the AT&T issue to address. AT&T has not talked in any social media platform or on their official website about this error issue yet.

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1- Restart your system

All you want to do is first restart your device if it is not working well. After reopening it check whether the error issue is still there or not.  

2- Clear the cache 

Possibly DirecTV  Now is not working properly on the web browser due to corrupted browser cache here is the simple steps to clear your cache easily:

  • Turn on your browser and click on the ctrl, shift and del option together on your keyboard 
  • Go to the time range select the all-time or everything option, choose all the items, and then click on the clear option below.
  • Then restart it again 

3- Check your user ID

  • Make sure you are using ID i.e AT&T access ID for log in 
  • Tap on the “forget ID” if you do not remember it. Then you will be receiving an email regarding the instructions. 

4- Set your password again

  • Again select the “forget password” if you do not remember it. The mail will be sent to for verification and for reading the instructions. 
  • If you try to attempt the wrong password again then it will be temporarily locked. After 1 hour try it again.
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5- Install the DirecTV  Now app once again 

If you are facing any difficulties in opening the app try to reinstall it. It will be good for repairing the corrupted files or missing files in your app. Firstly uninstall then again download the app and also install the latest version from the DirecTV  Now app. 

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6- Restart the router or modem  

Your DirecTV now issues may be caused through home networks problem. Looking to repair your home network? Then try to restart your modem to work – 

  • Switch off the device you use to watch DirecTV  Now 
  • Turn off your modem or router 
  • Disconnect the power cable from the modem or router. Then wait for a while 
  • Switch on the device  

7- Check your connection 

If you are repeatedly facing this problem of sign in even after your correct ID and password then fix your internet connection properly maybe it could be weak.    

8- Chat with the agent

If your screen is popping up to contact the customer service after having the same error again. Choose the chat option available on the website. 

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What Is The Login Error Message 20001 And 20002?

There are many DirecTV Now Issues or sign-in errors that pop up in your system display due to many reasons. See the error messages list that prompt –

  • Error 20001-001 to 20001-003 – seems like something goes wrong please try again
  • Error 20001-021 and 20001- 002 For your protection your user ID which is called AT&T access ID has been temporarily locked. Reset your password to unlock the ID. 
  • Error 20002-001 and 20002 -018 – For your account security we have signed you out, just sign in again. 
  • 20002 –  003 – It looks like there is some problem opening your account. Try to sign in from your online account.

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Though DirecTV  Now is a very good streaming app service still there are many errors that make login very difficult. So, here in this article, we have the best ways to come out of this error. Keep reading this article you will find all queries related to DirecTV now issues.