Error 721 Directv

Is your DirecTV encountering error code 721? No worry sometimes DirecTV comes up with a common error. We will give you the best solutions to resolve the error and get back yourself on the same track again.

What Is DirecTV Error Code 721?  

The DirecTV 721 error means signal issues between your DirecTV receiver and incorrectly configured system settings. It is not too much irritating as much as customers make a huge issue over it.

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The only option to deal with this error is through special software that repairs its settings and windows registry and restores the balance. The name itself shows details in the error that can be converted by the manufacturer of the application or the component that breakdown.

This error occurs in different areas with the system, so even if it has every information on its name it still gets difficult for the users to detect the cause and problem without the technical knowledge or proper software.

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What Are The Causes of DirecTV Error 721?

This is a very frequent error  721 DirecTV that causes due to many factors. Generally, the error occurs due to bad weather conditions or thunderstorms. So, in that case, there is no need of calling the customer service for fixing the issue it will automatically set after the weather clears.

On the other, there are window registry, accidental change to cable or electric supply, failed installation or the software is uninstalled, virus attack, the system not properly shut down, and many others. Sometimes we become enemies of yourself that affected the signal so relax and remember what have you done before attempting the troubleshoot.

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Super Easy Solutions To Fix The Error 721 DirecTV

Check channel lineups – Your system will show these messages in case of an error 721 DirecTV such as – 

  • The channel is not included in your package which you are trying to watch ( check the channel in your package before fixing) 
  • The receiver not processing the information for the channel ( Go through these steps) 

*Go to the account overview – Go to my DirecTV 

*choose to manage my plan

*select the option – see my channel lineup 

*If the error is not shown in the list – click on add/remove channels – click on Activate now – then choose the channel you want

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Refresh your system services

Refreshing your services is the best way to solve the error of 721 DirecTV. If this option is not working then try the other ways.

Reset your receiver

  • Remove the receiver from the power 
  • Unplug the power wire from the electrical board
  • Wait for 2 minutes and plug it back 
  • Press the power button then wait for receiver rebooting

Signal Fixing Steps of Error 721 DirecTV

To fix the error 721 DirecTV these are some revised methods. Follow these steps to overcome your problem and get back to your television entertainment. 

Step 1

Always check the error message reflects on your television. If your TV screen is displaying other messages such as signal problem then it is on input or channel. This occurred due to an error 721 DirecTV message. Many people think that its a satellite signal issue that is from channel or input.

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Step 2

Point the access card behind the small front panel of the DirecTV setup box. After locating the card reinsert it again and wait for a while. If this works then you have a satellite dish or cable receiver issues. This is not a lengthy troubleshooting error.  

Step 3

check your satellite dish very frequently. Look there is not something that is obstructing the dish such as animals, tall trees, bad weather, branches because this happens when more than one receivers display the errors. 

Step 4

Cables are the major factor in troubleshooting errors. It causes when there is a number of receivers or types of the receiver there are. If all the receivers settled in the port that is how the receiver receives the signals. What you have to do is find all the cables and discount it from the port. Wait for a few seconds and check the television display whether it is working like earlier or not. 

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Step 5

press your channel button up and down twice- because it sends the signal to the dish and actually works sometimes. 

Step 6

Find out your power receiver SWiM which is used for installing Directv. If you are using HD-DVR which is connected with the setup box and close to the important receiver. Now what you have to do is unplug and reset then SWiM it again and wait for 2 minutes. Look at your television screen is showing any change or not. If yes then sometimes it occurred due to other interferences.

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There are many error messages and codes displayed on your television when there is an error with DirecTV. This is the method of how DirecTV informs you about the problems which are due to the receiver or dish. This article is all about error 721 DirecTV which occurs due to many reasons. All the questions arising in your mind will be cleared after reading this article.