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Today the TV industry has changed so many viewers know what is good for them and at what price. There are two popular services (DirecTV satellite and cable TV Charter spectrum) that deliver on-demand and live channels with the help of the internet.

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Which Is Better DirecTV vs Spectrum Cable TV?

Do we understand the direct tv vs spectrum that choosing one TV service is a bit confusing that is why this article will help you to decide which is a better streaming service? Comparing all the features, apps, functions, prices, and many more.

Scroll down and compare DirecTV and spectrum so that you will get an in-depth comparison between Spectrum Cable TV Or Directv here-

Charter Spectrum Cable TV

Is Spectrum better than DirecTV? Well, this is a cable TV provider with no contract services. Just adding voice search and internet TV service you will get great spectrum deals. There are three packages – Select, gold, and silver. The highest channel packages go up to 200+ channels.

MOTOROLA 16x4 Cable Modem, Model MB7420, 686 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0, Certified by Comcast XFINITY, Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, Cox, BrightHouse, and More
MOTOROLA 16×4 Cable Modem, Certified by Comcast XFINITY, Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, Cox, BrightHouse, and More

Currently, spectrum TV service is present at 45 states across the US. It offers its customers maximum premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime in its Silver package. It is comparatively more expensive than other cable TV providers.

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So, if you are looking at bundle services and do not want to tie up with the contract system then the spectrum is a good option for you.

How Does It Work? 

Charter spectrum is also known as a telecommunications company that serves internet and voice search functions by paying little more amount. You can go easily bundling with the TV service or select the la carte.

If subscribing service than the price of bundling is less but charges extra fees for bunch option. There are the best discounts and exclusive deals for bundling. First, sign up if you are looking to activate service or want to know more information about packages.

After fixing the appointment date spectrum professional technician will come at the date to fix your TV service. If the technician not arrived for a reason then you will get $20 credit.

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Why Choose Charter Spectrum?

  • Contract-free – This is one of the best features to opt spectrum. Without any commitments, you can subscribe every month. There are no early termination or activation fees from the company. 
  • Weather saver- There are many cable or satellite services that lost its connection due to bad weather conditions. But the spectrum is unbreakable it will smoothly run as usual. It is more reliable and will give you continuous entertainment.
  • Enough HD channels – Mostly the channels offered by spectrum are in HD quality. There 230+ HD channels that are available in every package including on-demand and live channels. 
  • Wide availability – Spectrum has more good availability than other services. There are more than 45 states in the USA that are using Spectrum. Go to the website and enter the zip code for checking the available according to your location. 
  • Best bundling service –  Bundling is very simple with Spectrum. You will get the cheapest TV service while connecting with the bundles. For internet services and voice search, it offers 100 Mbps speed. The starting service of internet and bundling is at $89.90 per month. The internet service package has $44.99 p/o which access the speed of 60 MBPS. The speed and the packages vary in your current location. 
  • Easy packages with no cost – Spectrum has three packages that serve enormous channels with no extra fees. If channel surfing is time waste then choose the spectrum it is effortless. 
  • Try before buy-  Watch the shows and 3D movies which you want. If you do not like TV service for the charter spectrum then easily refund your money back after the month ends. 
  • Premium channels –  All the premium channels are included according to the tier. The smallest channels range are in the middle package which has HBO, Cinemax, Showtime. On the other side, the highest package has a heavy quantity of channels such as HBO, Starz Encore, The movie channel, and many more.  
  • Spectrum app – it provides its own app which lets you watch 170+ channels live at your home. You can choose from 65 available networks, browse TV listings, set your DVR recordings, watch using the app through different supporting devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. It has remote control functions with other additional search functions such as I-Pad, Android, and tablet apps.

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Reasons To Refuse Charter Spectrum?

Weak DVR – The SD DVR box of spectrum TV service can only record up to 80 hours of SD and 35 hours of HD. There is no choice of selecting the DVR of your choice. They will provide their own DVR of either Motorola or Cisco. You can record only two shows simultaneously. But the good news the company is working on DVR (Worldbox 2.0) to give good facilities to others.

Low customer service – There is a survey done by the American customer satisfaction index which rated Spectrum as 61 which is below average. If we compare to Comcast it scores higher but it is far behind from DirecTV, DishTV, Verizon Fios, AT&T’s U verse, and optimum. 

Extra Cost – If we glance at the first plan of the spectrum it is much higher in price. There is no way of hiding from extra cost from Spectrum service. If you choose the DVR you have to pay $12 p/o otherwise you will be paying for the HD box which costs $7 p/o. If you have more TVs then also there are additional charges connecting to the device.

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Packages & Plans of Spectrum 

If you are looking to change your cable TV then you have to pay more. The cost per channel is higher the bill will automatically be more than other providers. There are many plans which provide 1 or 2 years contract and if you cancel your TV service in the middle of the plan you have to pay early termination fees of more than $100. 

Spectrum service provides a lot of premium channels such as HBO, Starz Encore, Cinemax, Red zone from lower to a higher package with best deals. There are 125 to 250+ channels which include a large number of music channels. Look at the packages and content offered by Spectrum –

  • TV select – 125+ channels at $49.99 cost per month.
  • TV Silver –  180+ channels at 56.99 cost per month 
  • TV Gold – 230+ channels at 85.99 cost per month

*There are multiple sports channels in the lowest tier such as ESPN, ESPN 2, NBC Sports, Fox Sports 1 Gold package includes NFL Redzone. DVR rental fees, professional installation, broadcast TV fee are all included during the service of Spectrum TV.

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As compared to Spectrum TV service DirecTV is the broadcast service provider. It is owned by AT&T company and today there are offering both internet and bundling services. There are 35 million subscribers of DirecTV in the USA. DirecTV offers hundreds of programming, HD channels, commercial skipping, and many more feature. The DirecTv is also known for its good customer satisfaction service.

DIRECTV CCK-W Wireless Cinema Connection Kit (DCAW1R1-01)
DIRECTV CCK-W Wireless Cinema Connection Kit

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How Does It Work? 

It is an American broadcast satellite TV service which is very much similar to cable tv providers. If you choose any one of the DirecTV packages you will get different channels and lineups in every pack. The equipment is needed to receive and decode the signals which provide the video on your screen.

There are no wires to import the video signals to your home. When the earth orbits it directly sends the signals to the receiver dish which is mounted to your home. The technician will set the in-home wires and connects the satellite to set up the box. At last, the setup box will receive the signal and makes the video available on your TV.

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Why Choose Directv?

  • Great channel line up 
  • Sports lover 
  • Exclusive offers and deals   
  • The different rooms TV connection 
  • Amazing 4k view 
  • Rural area connections 
  • Internet free service in Rural area 
  • AT&T account 
  • Bundling options 
  • Travel anywhere with Directv

*There are many benefits of choosing a Directv service. It provides every content in the best picture quality, best for the ones who live in rural areas and many more.

Reasons To Refuse DirecTV

Do not want to pay extra charges – There are different types of charges offered by DirecTV every month such as equipment, HD service, set up box, DVR and HD service. If you love sports or not you have to give extra payment for regional sports. 

Signal lose – There is a lack of signal availability problem in Directv. Due to high buildings, rain or bad weather conditions the satellite loses its connection easily.

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Want satellite free home – The satellite stands high at the top of the roof including mounting brackets. If you do not like any type of equipment mounted outside the home then cable TV is a  better option for you.  

Variety of shows  – You can only do 5 recordings with DirecTV Genie DVR which stores 200 hours of HD content (included in the service). It is not sufficient for the users if the shows aired at the same time. 

Packages And Plan of DirecTV

DirecTV offers 6 different packages from lowest to highest tiers such as Select, entertainment, select, choice Xtra, Ultimate premier.  the prices start from $35 to $110 and the channels list goes from 155+ to 330+ channels.  The prices are best for only 12 months after that there is a sudden increase in the per month. 

*DirecTV is the best satellite tv service in all over the US. it gives great packages at a good price. Without any activation or installation fees.

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Spectrum Cable TV Or Directv – Who Is The Winner?


Charter Spectrum 

2 years contract

No contract 

5 recordings simultaneously with 1 TB storage for 200 hours 

2 channels recordings 

Motorola – 21 HD hours

Cisco S/A – 80 GB of 30 to 50 hours

Hard drive of 160 GB up to 90 hours of SD 

Pairing with any device and enjoy 8 TVs with a single DVR

Same with Spectrum service

It has 6 packages – Select, entertainment, choice, Xtra, ultimate, premier

It has 3 packages – TV Select, TV silver, TV Gold
Early termination fees – $20 

No early termination fees 

Professional installation included in 4 rooms (extra fees for additional installation)

Professional installation in 6 rooms ( extra cost for additional installation)
DirecTV known for sports 

Spectrum service also gives great content of sports channels

Autopay feature – After signing $5 per month for the next 12 months. (set up with bank account, credit card, debit card)

If you want to sign up the auto-pay feature then go to the TWS account website

$7.9 p/o for regional sports fees 

There are no regional sports fees

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