Directv service

Basic Information

If we look today Directv and Directv now come from the same network. They are owned by AT&T company which completely divided these two networks with different apps, accounts, servers. Directv offers premium channels which include sports, HD channels, and popular because of exclusive access to Sunday NFL Ticket.

AT&T Directv H24 HD Receiver
AT&T Directv H24 HD Receiver

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In easy language, Directv is the satellite -tv subscription service in all over the US region. On the other side, Directv now is the online tv streaming app which lets you watch all the Tv channels content with compatible devices. If we compare both these services then Directv now is cheaper than Directv service as it runs with the help of internet connection.

Packages Of DirecTV & Directv Now  

directv pacakges
DirecTV packages

Directv Select

This is the Directv select package that offers family and kids friendly content. There are 150+ such as AMC, Discovery Channel, Disney, Nickelodeon, Fox news, cartoon network, Adult Swim, TNT, Bravo, and many other local channels. (After 12 months the price of this package reach up to $75).

Cost – $35

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DIRECTV CCK-W Wireless Cinema Connection Kit (DCAW1R0-01)
DIRECTV CCK-W Wireless Cinema Connection Kit

Directv Entertainment

If you are addicted to sports then it is the best package. For additional sports service, you need to spend $5 extra. You will also get 3 months of premium channels and 155+, fox sports, ESPN, ESPN2, shopping networks (After 12 months prices will be up to $90).

Cost – $40

Directv choice

From family to travel this package will definitely fulfill all your entertainment demands. There are 185+ channels including Travel channels, Nicktoons, game show network, science, Oprah Winfrey Network, NFL Network. ESPNews etc, weather, IFC channel MLB Network with Sunday NFL Ticket for free for 2018 session. (After 12 months it hikes up to $105)

Cost – $45

Directv Xtra

This plan is good for those who love to watch more movies and regional sports such as NBA TV, FOX, MTV classic. There are 235+ OF $55 Per month and paying $10 extra you will get all the other additional channels with the preview of premium channels (after 12 months pay $117).  

Cost – $55

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Directv ultimate

This is another package of movies and entertainment. You just have to pay an extra $5 and enjoy your favorite movies in HD video quality. With Ultimate plan get $260+ channels such as Encore family and other movie shows in $60 per month. (After 12 months the price increases to the double $128).

Cost – $60

DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server
DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server

Premier package

This is the mega and the combination of all the above packages which mostly include HD movies, sports channels, and other important channels.

Showtime, Cinemax, Plus, HBO, ESPN classic, NBS along with the NFL Sunday ticket. (After 12 months you have to pay $181 per month).

Cost – $70

Directv Now

There is a total of 7 plans of Directv now one is in Spanish language and the remaining six are in English. Scroll down and check the list of packages.

Directv Now Plus

If you are looking to save your pockets then Plus plan is good for you. It includes all the Regional sports channels. Only pay $50 per month and get 40+ channels in a month such as HBO, HBO Family, HBO Latino, AMC, NBC, TNT, CBS, and with all other local channels.

Cost – $50

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Directv Now max

For the ones who love sports like regional sports networks and movies, this is the best option. There are 50+ channels such as HBO, Cinemax, ESPN, CBS FS2, ESPNews, and other local channels.

Cost – $70

Directv Now entertainment

It is the best option for those who love to stream local.

Get 65+ channels such as Disney Junior, FOX news, discovery AMC without any regional sports facility. HBO is also not a part of this package, pay extra to get.

Cost – $93

Directv Now choice

This plan is popular and has 80+ channels for regional and local channels such as MLB, Cooking channel, Own, The weather channel, etc  

Cost – $110

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Directv Now extra

This is the second-largest and bit costly pack than previous ones. It is the combination of all the above packages where you will get all channels Get 105+ channels such as NHL, NBA TV, FXM, Universal kids, etc with all other local regional kids channels.  

Cost – $124

Directv Now Ultimate

This is the largest and expensive package of Directv now. Here you will get mostly English channels. Though it’s costly it will offer you more. There are $125+ channels such as EL Ray, Starz Encore family, Starz Encore Action including regional sports, news, cooking, kids, etc.

Cost – $135

DIRECTV HR54 Genie Server (Newest Version)
DIRECTV HR54 Genie Server

Additional channel – Optimo Mas

This is an international Spanish language package where you will get 90+ channels in Spanish and 40 channels in English. Univision, Cine Estealer, Familia, Ecuavisa Internacional, ESPN Deportees, etc.

Cost – $86

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Work of Directv Now And Directv

Directv Working

It is the satellite subscription tv service that works the same as cable providers. There are different packages from lowest to highest price range. If the customer subscribed to any of the plans then Directv service provides the equipment which is needed to decode the signals to get the video.

Cutting the cords and connecting with the wireless connection is a very good idea. After the earth orbits send their signals in the air which is received by satellite that is mounted at your homes.

After getting the signals the Directv Technician sets the in house wiring with the Directv satellite and set up box then set up box receives signals and image reflects directly in your Tv.

Note – Directv service channel line ups, and prices change very often. Check the Directv website and get connected with the latest updates.

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Directv Now Working

Directv now is the advanced feature of Directv. Connecting with Directv now is very easy. You require an Id, password to create an account then choose the package. Download the DirecTV now app from your smartphone for live streaming. Users can also choose a free 7-day trial facility to check the channel services.

If you found the services interesting and continued with the plan then it will automatically deduct the monthly amount from your account then your subscription will start from month to month. Or you can cancel immediately after your trial period without any charges.

Directv offers great services for the ones who do not want any contract commitments and like to move on early. There is no pressure on installments, early termination fees, or equipment.

Directv now service provides no setup box to its users. You only require smartphones such as tablets, I-pads  IOS, or Android to run the app. Either smart tv or by using Apple Tv, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon fire stick, and many more.

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Benefits for Directv subscription

Users Crazy about sports –

Directv service is the home of sports, it offers one of the best NFL Sunday Ticket packages for several years where users can watch every NFL show. You have to pay $10 extra to watch the NFL team if you live in a rural area. There are similar packages of Directv for NHL, NBA and major league baseball.  

Best channel lineups –

Directv serves multiple channels from sports to dramas and movie subscriptions. Looking for more channels? Then you need to pay an extra amount to your package to get more channels. It also offers a monthly subscription of movies to its customers. Directv has more channels than other paid services. In cable tv, there are fewer channels and all are in SD quality content but Directv service has HD quality.

Price and discount offer –

There is a 24-month contract if you sign up with DirecTV. There are low prices only for the 1 year period. For new subscribers, DirecTV offers promotions – free equipment, free movie subscription for 3 months, NFL Sunday Ticket new season.  

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Stream live tv in multiple rooms –

Directv gives a new genie or DVR with the wireless genie. With one DVR users can share live streaming content to multiple TVs. You can also connect 8 TVs system to 1 DVR. Directv also allows you to pause the live content and watch again in another room.  

4k video quality –

In the satellite world, this is the first pay-TV subscription that offers to program in 4k ultra. There are limited 4k movies and programming with DirecTV.

Bundling –

Bundling service is not simple for DirecTV as cable providers which gives access to pay-tv, internet connection or wireless telephone connection in one wire. Directv has a partnership with internet and telephone services in all over the USA that will help in saving your little money.

AT&T account –

As you know Directv is owned by the AT&T company. So, if you are a user then have to pay a few cost breaks.  

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Fast internet for streaming –

There is a lack of internet connection in rural areas. As you all know for streaming live content you need a connection but in Directv case, users do not require any connection watch the Tv.

Strong service in rural areas –

There are only two networks that reach in rural areas such as Dish tv and Directv services. Other than satellite, cable Tv cannot reach in these areas.  

Move with your Directv anywhere –

With Directv service, you can move to any location across the USA. It is mandatory for cable Tv customers to quit the connection if they are moving to another location then you have to change the cable company.  But DirecTV allows its customers to stay with the same company whenever they wish to.

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Benefits For DirecTV Now

Contract-free – There is no sign of contract or any kind of commitment, deals of early termination. Cancel or resume your service anytime you want.

No additional charges – With no activation or installing Directv now service or equipment charges. You only require an internet connection with smartphones to enjoy streaming.  

Cheaper – It is very cheapest comparing with the satellite or cable tv subscription. The highest package of Directv now includes all the channels at a reasonable price from cable tv service.

Good availability – Just download the app because it is streaming app service A good internet connection and a smartphone and you are ready to stream.

Easy to sign up – You do not need to make an appointment and wait for the whole day or call the customer service. All you need is to download the app from your smartphone store eg google play store or apple play store.

Quick changes in the account without a call – It is very simple with Directv now app to fix any issues related to settings or canceling the service. Customers can visit the DirecTV Now online website and can make changes there.   

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Watch tv on different devices – Directv now is the unbeatable service of wider tv experience. You can stream the content lying on your bed, or if you are traveling, etc. your entertainment with DirecTV now will never be less.  

Free trial – Unlike other services Directv now gives its customers a free trial period of 7-day to test the services. You can watch this service with compatible devices and with the help of an internet connection.   

More channels from the app – You will get the 125+ channels with the highest package from “Gotta have it”. It gives more channel services from other platforms such as Sling tv, PlayStation, Roku Tv, etc.


Directv now


There is a cloud DVR

Genie DVR can record up to 5 devices

No contract, free cancellation

2 years contract and after 1 year there is regular pricing

No early termination fees

$20 fees for early termination

App-based services need smart devices

Standard Installation in 4 rooms, additional charges for more rooms

Free equipment

Equipment fees $7 per month for each receiver account

Payments automatically get canceled through debit or credit card

Installing the auto feature $5 discount for 1 year

No fees for regional sports

$7.29 fees per month