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Directv Now Review

Directv good service – Directv Now is best for you because the more you will pay the more you will get at a cheaper cost. The AT&T internet service is the best thing for the users to fook accessing the content. There is no charge for downloading the Directv Now app from your smartphones.

This is the better quality version network with a lower price than Directv. Get an amazing variety of channels, shows, movies in high picture quality. The great news for the users is there are no extra or hidden charges with installing or activating the service.

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DIRECTV CCK-W Wireless Cinema Connection Kit (DCAW1R0-01)
DIRECTV CCK-W Wireless Cinema Connection Kit

Directv bad service – There is a fewer number of channels with every package of DirecTV which is actually less than the satellite service. Although it gives the facility of free DVR you can only store up to 20 hours of backup for 30 days. If you want more storage then you have to pay an extra $5. On the other hand, it can’t record on-demand content that you can save for later.

Note – Always read the Directv now review before installing the app.

What Is Directv Now?

Directv now is the online streaming service from AT&T where you will get many channels from traditional paid service.  It is an American satellite broadcast service network. Directv now is also known as Tv streaming app all you need is a broadcast internet connection and unlimited data pack to stream the best content of your choice.

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Work of Directv

Directv Now is a prepaid and contract-free service for the once who do not want to stay for longer or want no commitments. Users do not have to face with installation, equipment, or early termination fees problems.

For using the Directv now there is no setup box required you simply need smart devices which include IOS, Android, I-pads, and tablets. You can also connect Directv with the compatible devices if you have a smart Tv such as Samsung smart Tv models (2017-2018)

Also, Amazon fire tv stick, Amazon Fire Tv cube, Apple 4th generation Tv, Roku smart models, Chromecast, etc. For eg Netflix has a traditional cable package where you cannot randomly choose instant movies and shows.

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Directv is very easy to handle for new customers. Before enjoying the streaming with your family and friends you need these basic steps to watch the service.

  • Go to the website of Directv Now
  • Go to the signup option
  • Create your personal account (Id and password is required)
  • Choose the channel package
  • Download the app from your smart devices

Note – There is free 7 days trial facility in Directv Now where you can take a brief look at the services and if you do not find it interesting then immediately cancel it. Otherwise, if you left in between then you have to pay according to the monthly subscription.

Directv Now Packages 

Basic plan Cost includes

Directv Now has two plans for its promotions. Both the plans are affordable for the consumers. These are the best plans for the once who often look at their pocket.

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The first lowest plan price (plus) starting from $50 per month and the other (Max) is $70 per month. The plus plan includes only 40+ channels but it gives an additional HBO channels list.  On the other side, Max plan includes 60+ channels in $70 where you will get the option of Cinemax and HBO channels to watch.

Plus Plan

Max plan




Longhorn network


Big ten network




FX and FX movie


Fox News, Fox business


Comedy Central

Cartoon network

Disney Junior and XD



Nick and Nick JR
Comedy Central

CNBC and CNBC world

Disney Junior and XD

National Geographic channel

HBO, HBO Family, HBO Latino

Nick and Nick JR

CNBC and CNBC world

Accu weather

National Geographic channel

Olympic channel
HBO, HBO Family, HBO Latino


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Note – This is not the end of both plus and max plans other most important channels are also available.

DIRECTV Genie Lite H44 Receiver (H-44)
DIRECTV Genie Lite H44 Receiver

Major plan

The more expensive the package more channels choices you will get with Directv Now service. There are only 4 packages in Directv major plan which include

  • Entertainment plan – $93, 100+ channels (Adds sports, News, movies and family channels)
  • Choice – $110, 120+ channels (sports and cooking channels)
  • Xtra – $124, 130 channels (Sports, NBA TV, NHL, and movies)
  • Ultimate – $135, 141+ channels (many sports, regional channels, movies etc)

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Why Choose Directv Now

Reason for choosing Directv Now
Reasons for choosing Directv Now

There are hundreds of reasons for subscribing Directv Now. Take a brief look for choosing the service.hundredscomparatively

  • Contract-free – Directv Now offers its customers free to move in or out of the service. There is no such bond or deal with the installation or rented equipment for subscribing and leaving the services.
  • Fast loading – Directv Now is comparatively faster than Sling Tv if we compare on loading channels. Directv takes 1-2 minutes for changing to different channels.   
  • Good availability – Directv now is an online streaming platform with here you only required to download the app from your smart devices and ready to access great content through internet connection anytime.
  • Lowest price – Directv now services are more affordable in price as compared to the satellite and other cable Tv services which cost $100 per month and give fewer channels facility. You will pay less amount with Directv Now for the highest plan. HBO, Cinemax is available in Directv now at the cheapest cost from other cable services.
  • No extra charges – With DirecTV, you will be enjoying free installation, activation, and equipment fees. Just connect with the smart device and internet together and watch your favorite shows, movies, etc. users only have to pay for the subscription amount including taxes.
  • Watch and search at once – usually, if you want to search other channels then you need to move out from the current channel, but with Directv, you can listen and watch at the same time. The channel guide will show on your screen with running content.
  • Stream Tv on different devices – Directv is unbeatable in, terms of experiencing wide screen Tv. There are many ways with Directv Now for streaming Tv such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. If you don’t want to miss your favorite episode while traveling you can watch it on your mobile device after downloading the app.
  • New Cloud-based DVR – Recently Directv launched its current version of Cloud DVR. the DVR is available in Apple, Android, Amazon Fire Tv, Chromecast,  chrome and web browsCloud-based, safari, etc. The major disadvantage is you can only store 20 hours of data, but if you pay $10 you will get storage for up to 30 days.
  • Easy to search – Directv has a variety of on-demand content that you can watch. It is very simple to find a movie that is categorized in the Netflix style.
  • Easy to start – After downloading the app from the store with an internet connection you can stream as many contents you want to watch. Without the help of customer care staff or waiting a whole day for a technician to
  • Trial period – A Directv has a 7-day trial period wherein you can watch unlimited content without fees. With the help of the internet and smart device, you can enjoy the free trial facility.
  • Make your own Guide – Directv Now gives you the facility of adding your favorite channels in your own guide. Instead of scrolling 100+ channels click on the heart symbol which is next to the channel. This will automatically save your channels list in the favorite guide.
  • A great feature of the guide – Directv Now has come with another amazing feature than Sling Tv. Click on the channels on the screen that you are interested to watch. You can also check the later shows by clicking on the arrow in the extreme left corner. You can see the whole day program of one specific channel.
  • Get more channels –  It has more live content from the sling and other Tv services such as Gotta have it package have 120+ live contents.
  • Make changes without calling – You can easily make changes to your account through online if you don’t like to wait for customer care representative on phone call You can anytime stop and start your service of Directv Now.

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DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server
DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server

Is Actually Directv Worth It?

Online streaming will be a bright future of television. It is not worth it if the user is paying $100  per month in satellite cable service when he will get all the channels in less amount. With Directv Now, the customer will save up to $360 in a year. You are lucky enough if you get all the channels.

With DVR and app option in Directv Now you can pause, record, watch the shows later, and compatible in every device. DVR is the plus point in Directv Now. If you want to install the app then first go through the Directv now review and read the experiences of the users.  

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Why Choose other Pay Tv options

  • Fast internet speed – For accessing the best content you need to have a good internet connection with you. Directv Now only comes up with 12mbps speed to subscribe to the service which is very less which means it does not give HD quality picture.
  • Lack of Technician – If you have installed the Directv Now app and you want to watch it on different devices then it seems to be impossible because there is no technical expertise you have to visit the website to solve your query which is quite difficult.
  • Lack of channels – Directv now gives very few channels if we compared it with the satellite service. So it’s better to move to the traditional cable Tv services if you want all the channels.

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Directv Now – Promotions

Nowadays there are many streaming services that offer a free trial for new customers for testing their service. Directv now runs regular promotions where you get free equipment facility free devices like Roku, Apple Tv after signing the service. Directv now current pricing promotion is $10 for every month with any AT&T internet plans.

If the user has a qualifying package then the amount decreases $10 and it will cost $25. After using the 22 GB data service your internet speed will automatically slow down. HBO channels are included in the plus and choice package. You can also check the Directv Now review before signing the account.  

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Note – Promotions keep a package on updating every time so make sure while signing up the services. Or else their package is a chatting option with the representative where you can ask about deals and offers.

DIRECTV HR54 Genie Server (Newest Version)
DIRECTV HR54 Genie Server (Newest Version)

Screen Limit In Directv Now

Users get the benefit of watching Directv Now on two screens, but if you want to connect more than two devices then pay $5 per month. But on the other side, it is not too impressive than Youtube o Playstation.Vue. It is only good for big families if you have amazon prime, Netflix or Amazon channels and want to watch the Youtube then it is not worth it.

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In this article, we have talked about the Directv Now review if it is worth it for the new and existing customers. If you are searching for anything on Directv Now you will get every small information with Directv Now review whether it is good or bad to use.