Dishtv or Directv

Directv Vs Dishtv

Are you planning to install the best satellite TV service in 2019? Then I am definitely sure you are going to face a huge confusion. But don’t worry after reading this article you will no longer get confused. Directv and Dishtv are strong competitors in the market and they both know it very well.

It is difficult to compare their packages together because they offer similar programming. In spite of a lot of unique value, they still have differences which make the customer easy to choose which the best satellite TV suits more.

So, read it carefully if you skipped one step then you have to deal with many problems for eg – more money with fewer channels, best deals, offers, etc.

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What Is Satellite TV?

Satellite Tv is a kind of broadcast delivery of Tv programming that is sent wirelessly to the televisions sets all over the world through Radio signals, outdoor antennas, a communication satellite, broadcast centers. When the broadcast signals passed on to the satellite revolving the earth it is received by local and regional Tv networks.

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Differences Between DishTV And DirecTV

DishTV :

  • DVR receiver
  • Universal remote that connects up to 3 rooms
  • Get free installation within a day from a certified installer
  • Choose 4 packages from 59.99 to 89.99 for up to 24 months with a channel ranging from 190 to 290.
  • You can stream 25000 movies, games, shows, etc.
  • Get 315+ channels with Dishtv
  • Watch 200 channels free for lifetime
  • There are 12+ sports channels featuring NFL red zone  
  • 250+ channels available in a standalone package
  • Get 60 Sirius XM radio channels and 40+ Dish music channels
  • Pay per view service for $60

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DISH Solo HD Receiver

DirecTV :

  • Genie and Mini genie DVR receivers
  • Universal remote that connects up to 4 room at ones
  • Watch NFL Sunday tickets with all football games
  • Get 315+ channels with Directv
  • Watch 190 HD channels after paying
  • With Directv, you get 10+ sports channels featuring NFL Sunday
  • 75+ Spanish language channel available
  • 23 XM radio channels with 77 Sonic music channels
  • Pay per movie service cost $55
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DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server

Dishtv And Directv – Similarities

As we have compared the differences between both of them lets move on to the common points.

  • Whether you connect with Dishtv or Directv there is a free installation facility.
  • Local stations are available in both the services
  • For secure ordering and customer support available 24 online
  • Installation time is 24 hours or less than n many locations
  • 2 years service commitment
  • Premium movie channels such as Showtime, Starz, HBO, Cinemax, Starz Encore available free for 3 months
  • Get 9 adults channels with 1 playboy channel
  • Free DVR systems
  • Free satellite tv with a satellite dish

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Genie Vs Hopper – Which Is Better?

Genie vs Hooper
Genie vs Hooper

As DVR makes the tv experience better it can also break. They have the power to convert the satellite signal into programs and channels. With DVR you can easily record your favorite program anytime. If the receiver has decoded the HD signals then only you can watch HD channels in your tv.  Here is the brief comparison between both that who is better?  

Hopper DVR

Genie Mini

You can record up to 16 at the same time

Record 5 at the same time

2 TB storage

1 TB storage
500 HD hours recording capacity

200 HD hours recording capacity

Voice recorder with Alexa, 4k Ultra HD support, app integration, commercial auto skip

4k Ultra HD support, NFL Sunday ticket, Watch 3 days past shows with 72 hours rewind  
Stores plenty of HD content

Stores few HD contents

First receiver free of cost

First receiver free of cost
Dish receivers are called Joeys

Directv receiver is called Genie Mini

Hopper 3 is free but Joeys will cost $7 per month. Super Joeys cost- $10p/o

Cost $7 per month

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The result – If we are comparing both then hopper 3 is the best option for an amazing viewing experience because it has extra features with impressive hardware capacity that stores programming up to 2000 hours. It also has drawbacks like the cost is very high and it works with dish connection only. But if you are getting everything extra in the best quality then money does not matter much.

Note- Dishtv cost $12 per month for the whole home DVR

Think Before Buy

When you are choosing between Dishtv and Directv services then it becomes easy to compare their features, application and many more. So, here are some major points or things to remember before you sign up to any best satellite TV service :

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  • Prices – Firstly, compare every package price which suits your budget. what are the services they are offering at what price, check their deals and discounts before choosing? At last, it all depends upon the customer’s taste. It really doesn’t matter what package you are selecting either low package or high package you will get every content in good picture quality.  
  • Adds on – It is based on the services which are provided by the satellite. You can select the setup box according to you.
  • Location – It plays an important role in your service options. Check the satellite services in your nearby remote area and see if they are offering all the TV channels that you want.  
  • Contracts – keep this in mind that Dish and Directv both have a 2-year contract that you need to serve in it. Or if you chose to cancel your service then you have to pay early termination fees. Both have the same fees of early termination up to $480.  
  • Package offer – If you are in habit of watching sports, family channels, Discovery or any other channels then check the add on packages that they both offer with live tv streaming and on-demand channels.
  • Reliability – satellite dishes need a clear vision of the sky for the best signals. Sometimes the signals may obstruct due to massive buildings, rain, huge trees or skyscraper. There should be adequate signal strength or else choose the other option for you.
  • Bundles services  – This is another important consideration for services. Users who are access to an internet connection or cable provider with the same service would not prefer to go again.

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Best DirecTV Packages Comparison

Directv Packages

Yes, Directv offers 7 packages to its customers but they are very confusing. Users not only have to pay autopay charges of $5 which include in 3 bills system but also get a $5 discount every month.

  • Directv Now – When you connect with this service you will get many packages. Buying the lowest pack will charge you $40 p/o with 60+ channels, on the other hand, you will get $70 with 120+ channels.
  • Select – This is the Directv select package which includes 150+channels such as family channels, kids, cooking, and provide a large number of sports channels. The cost starts from  $35 to $75 p/o. 
  • Entertainment – With this plan, you will get 5 additional channels ranging from $40 to $87. Both select and entertainment have more love for sports channels users will get ESPN, ESPN 2,  Fox Sports, and many more.
  • Choice – There are 185+ channels for $45 to $101 cost which include weather channels, kids, travel channels, and most important NFL Sunday tickets which you are going to die for this.
  • Xtra – Users will get 230+ channels for $55 to $110 covering all the above packages and including other channels such as oxygen HD, MTV classic, Fox Sports 2, CBS sports network HD, NHL network HD. FXX, Nat geo wild.
  • Ultimate – This is the lowest tier that costs $60 to $120 with 245+ channels which gives you 4k channels such as Starz encore, Chillar, Esquire, etc.
  • Premier – It is the huge tier in the Directv package which provides 345+ channels including all news, sports, family, kids channels. The price starts at $110 to $180,   obviously if you are getting more than you have to pay more.

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Dishtv Packages

If you are buying this plan then there are 4 packages. Dishtv is costly and the range of channels is very less as compared to Directv. This is very rare in the satellite industry that prices get locked and after 1 year there is a double increment in price. Take a quick look at the packages.

  • America’s top 120 – If the user is serving in a contract then the price is  $59.99 and without a contract, the fees are $79.99. You will only get 190 channels with or without a contract.
  • America’s Top 120+ – This package has 190+ channels including local, regional sports and other channels. You will get 70+ Sirius XM music channels, free HD and free HBO channels up to 1 year. With a contract, the cost is $69.99 and without you will get $87.99.
  • America’s Top 200 – Pay 79.99 to 94.99 and get 240+ channels including NHL, SEC networks, NBA and MLB. The pack also has a bundle of kids and sports channels.
  • America’s Top 250 – This is the mega package in Dishtv where you will get 290+ channels by paying $89.99 to $104. It is a combination of every pack which includes all channels from cooking to kids.
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Cable TV vs Satellite TV

Cable vs Satellite
Cable vs Satellite

For television entertainment, both of them are great choices and play a major role. There are many similarities and differences between both such as – with satellite service, you get more channels with less price as compared to cable tv where channels are more but the cost per month is also very high. Read this table you will be able to take your decision very quickly and easily.

       satellite Tv service

          Cable Tv Service
It gives television programs through communications.Give programs through radio frequency
It is received by an outdoor antenna which is called a satellite dish

Signals are transmitted through coaxial cable and light passes through the fiber- opt cables

Its equipment is dish and box

Cable box and remote
Yearly based contract

Month to month contract

Technician install a satellite dish on the roof

Technician install junction into your home
Everywhere in the US

Available nearby the networks and unavailable in rural or remote areas

Available every time

It is available sometimes

$45 in HD and $65 for HD

$65 per month nonHD and $70 for HD
Dish Network and Directv

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, Sudden link

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Pros And Cons of Directv & Dishtv Services

Pros of DishTV:

  • Best customer satisfaction
  • 24-year guarantee of price
  • DVR and Voice remote
  • Hooper 3 is available in the upgraded version  
  • You get better picture quality with Dishtv

Cons of Dishtv:

  • There are less number of channels
  • Fewer packages tiers are there with Dishtv
  • Hopper Duo DVR is not very strong and powerful

Pros of Directv:

  • Watch NFL Ticket match every Sunday
  • Huge channels and packages facility
  • Best service in the first year with great deals and discounts
  • Comes with the Genie DVR

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Cons of Directv:

  • A great increase in price after 1 year
  • Genie DVR is not much powerful than Dish Hopper DVR
  • Packages are more but the price is also very high as compared to DishTV which offers the same price till 2 years.

Frequently Asked Question’s  

Q- Is there will be a signal problem during bad weather?

There would be a temporary loss in the signal due to heavy rain or snow or severe cloud condition. But it is sure that Dishtv and Directv both have 99% signal reliability.

Q- How many satellite services are there?

There are only two services i.e Directv and Dishtv in the USA. They both offered the best packages,  dozens of channels including local and regional with additional services such as on-demand content, live streaming, recording, premium channels, sports, and many more. If there is cable or fire tv is available then you can choose, Spectrum, Xfinity,  Optimum, Mediacom, Cox, etc.

Q- Is there free satellite channels are there?

Yes, you can select from the Tv Antenna that is free over the air broadcast. There are also FTA channels such as sports, regional, local or government-sponsored programs that are broadcast through satellite. For selecting these channels you have to buy the FTA receiver box in addition to the satellite dish.

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Q- What is the best satellite TV service?

Both Dishtv and Directv is the popular satellite service in the USA. They have some common features such as cost, packages, etc. Dishtv is famous for Hopper 3 DVR in which you can record up to 16 shows at once, on the other side Directv is famous for its channels facilities such as Sunday NFL match.

Q- What is the charge of installation and satellite equipment?

Directv and Dishtv both charge no cost for there basic equipment such as satellite dishes, mounting hardware, and cables, etc. Installation is also free with both the best satellite TV services.

Q- Where are Directv and Dishtv services available?

They are both available anywhere around the USA. If you could not find them because the signal may be routed from your area. All you need is the best receiver rather than complicating cable wire services.

Q- Is both the satellite has a good installation procedure?

Although they have the same process of installation all you need is to make an appointment. But  Dishtv gives its user my tech app facility where you can track your technician location. It is very punctual for their timings they will exactly arrive within 75 hours.

It will first install the satellite at the southern sky, then fix it with the elevated position of your balcony or roof, then finally ask you is everything ok with the connection.

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Dishtv or Directv – Who Is The Winner?  

So we have compared both the best satellite TV companies in their own way. If you are looking for storage capacity, affordable price, and transparency then Dishtv is the best option for you.

On the other side, Directv provides more channels and packages but in a high amount. For the ones who are a sports lover, Directv is the best choice because it gives its users every Sunday NFL Ticket match and online games facility.

It all depends upon your preference but Dishtv is a much better choice although it will give you fewer channels at a cheaper rate and it does not change until 2 years. Not only this you can record up to 16 channels or movies at the same time.