Directv remote

Directv is one of the best choices for making your viewing experience great. Directv has two types of remote control – Universal DirecTV remote and Genie DirecTV both the remotes have quite different functions from each other.  It depends upon the users what type of DirecTV device you are using.

If you bought up a new DirecTV system and are tired of controlling its remote functions. Here is the step-by-step guidance on how to program DirecTV remote.

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DIRECTV 4336303112 2 Pack - RC73 IR/RF Remote Control
DIRECTV RC73 IR/RF Remote Control

Table of contents
  1. Universal DirecTV remote
    1. Introduction
    2. Steps for “HD DVR or HD Receiver” users
    3. Follow the Steps for “Standard DVR and Hd Remote Receiver”.
    4. Steps of Manual programming
    5. Outline of universal DirecTV remote
  2. DirecTV Genie Remote
    1. Automatic pairing
    2. Manual pairing
    3. Program your DirecTV ready TV with DirecTV Genie remote
    4. Outline of Genie DirecTV remote
  3. Genuine reasons to overcome the problem of your remote

1. Universal DirecTV Remote

Directv universal remote functions
Directv universal remote functions

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1.1. Introduction

It is very simple to program Directv remote using a variety of components such as DVR, TV’s VCR, DVD players, game console, soundbars and more. Instead of using multiple remotes quickly control all the devices with the help of one remote. Just slide the mode switch on top of your remote and select the device.

DIRECTV IR / RF Universal Remote Control (RC66RX)
DIRECTV IR / RF Universal Remote Control (RC66RX)

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1.2. Steps For “HD DVR or HD Receiver” Users

  1. Tap the menu button on your remote
  2. Select the settings and help option
  3. Go to the settings
  4. Choose the remote control option
  5. Tap the program remote option
  6. Choose your device that you want to program (TV, audio or DVD)
  7. Follow the onscreen steps to complete the procedure
DirecTV H25-100 HD Receiver SWM System Only
DirecTV H25-100 HD Receiver

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1.3. Follow Steps For “Standard DVR and Hd Remote Receiver”

  1. Tap the menu button on your remote
  2. Select the parental favs and setup option
  3. Choose the system setup
  4. Select the remote control
  5. Choose “Program remote”.
  6. Select the device you want to program

1.4. Steps of Manual Programming

  1. Switch on the receiver and the Tv
  2. Search the five-digit code using your Directv official website
  3. Verify the mode switch on your remote and slide it to the Tv position
  4. Hold the mute and select button until you get the flash signal of green light twice
  5. Enter the 5 digit code
  6. Then check your connection by pressing the volume high
  7. Repeat all the steps mentioned above if your volume has not increased
  8. Again hold the mute and select button for a green light for flashing two times
  9. Enter code 960 from your remote wait for the green light to flash two times
  10. Set the switch mode to DirecTV positions
  11. Directv is now pairing smart tv

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TCL 65" Class 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby VISION HDR Roku Smart TV - 65S525
TCL 65″ Class 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby VISION HDR Roku Smart TV

1.5. Outline of Universal DirecTV Remote

  1. Menu – pressing menu will let you enter to the home screen where you can search the programs by tapping the browse option. Easy to manage your DVR recording and check your playlist. Set the parental control by clicking on the settings options
  2. Power on and off – Enter the power button from your Tv to Stream the device.
  3. Recorder  – R access to record the programs if you press two times then it will record the full series or episode
  4. Info- It gives all the details of the current channels
  5. List – It shows all the recorded programs on the list. (Press the red circle to delete the recorded shows)
  6. Guide – You can see the listing channels or rewind. Use rewind, forward button or back up for 12 hours.

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2. Directv Genie Remote

AT&T Directv C61 Genie Mini Client (DIRECTV HR34, HR44, HR54 Genie DVR is required. Sold Separately)
AT&T Directv C61 Genie Mini Client

2.1. Automatic Pairing

Directv genie remote is more than a standard version with the model of AT&T cable tv. It controls your Tv with all the devices like audio devices, soundbar, blue ray, and DVD players. Follow these steps if you do not know how to program DirecTV remote.

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  1. Locate the remote at your genie device then press the mute and select button until the green light blinks two times.
  2. Then your Tv screen will display the message “Applying IR/RF setup” after completion
  3. Switch on the device then pair with the remote
  4. Tap the menu button from genie remote
  5. Go to the setting – remote control- program remote
  6. Select the device that you want to pair

2.2. Manual Pairing

  1. Again take your genie remote in front of your cable box
  2. Hold the mute and select option together until the light blinks
  3. Tap the 960 code from the remote keypad
  4. Press the button “channel up”
  5. After pressing enter your tv screen will pop up message of “ your remote is set up for RF then select ok
  6. Open the device that you want to pair
  7. Tap the menu button on your remote
  8. Select the settings option – remote control- program control
  9. Choose the device you want to pair

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2.3. Program Your Directv Ready TV With Directv Genie Remote

Get more with Directv ready
Get more with Directv ready

Directv genie remote has a slightly different feature for the ready tv. It gives you an extra feature of the receiver, that lets you watch the Directv. So, you don’t need to buy the genie mini for each room to enjoy the Directv.  There is already an inbuilt wireless receiver.

Where you can program DirecTV remote It provides similar functions as the Roku tv does except one tv is connected with the genie remote for all of them to work properly. So, here are some easy steps if you pair Directv ready with genie remote.

  1. Bring your Directv genie remote closer to the HD wireless genie or genie mini.
  2. Hold the mute and enter the button until the green light blinks twice above your remote.
  3. Then your Tv screen will display “ applying IR/RF setup”.
  4. Switch on your ready Directv
  5. Then repeat step 2 again
  6. Tap the 5 digit code from the screen for Samsung device – 54000, Sony -54001 and Toshiba – 54002 and for other manufacture users visit the Directv website.
  7. Pairing successful

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Note: With AT&T plans you can now stream up to unlimited channels for entertainment.

2.4. Outline of Genie Directv Remote

  1. Power on and off – switching on the Tv when your receiver automatically turns off. Enter the power off button
  2. Switch mode – It controls all the receiver, tv, and other equipment.
  3. List – programs list for purchase
  4. Exit – return on your programming of Directv
  5. Menu – list of settings and other functions
  6. Info – channel program and information
  7. Select and navigate – select and guide with the arrow keys
  8. Channel up and down – You can change your channel using the up and down arrows in your remote
  9. Guide – see the onscreen guidelines
  10. Active – get in touch with the services, news, and information
  11. Function keys – Programmed your remote to equipment, with DVR system you can pause your live content
  12. Tv input – functions different inputs of your TV.
  13. Power keys – Directv can access to different devices at the same time. View the started card of your code.
  14. Previous – Return to the channel you are watching previously
  15. Advance- press the button till 30 seconds to end the live recording
  16. Replay- you can watch your favorite dialogue again with the replay option
  17. Fast forward – Increase the speed of the content up to 5X times more
  18. Mute – mute the current live show anytime with your remote
  19. Record – Record your program instantly.

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*Note – For replacing your Directv remote the non-RF model charge – $15 and RF model – $25.

3. Genuine Reasons To Overcome The Problem of Remote

Setup your Directv
Setup your Directv

There are multiple reasons for DirecTV remote not working such as pairing issues, batteries, physical damage or IR sensor.  If you are facing issues while programming your DirecTV remote. Scroll the instructions and follow these steps –

  1. Connected properly – Check whether y our remote is fixed correctly or not
  2. Proper signals – Without full signals range your remote will not function well if there is receiver blocking issues. Signals should be free and clear after leveling down your brightness
  3. Sync your remote again – apply the same procedure just hold the select the hold and menu button together until you see the applying IR/RF setup notification on the screen.
  4. Reset your receiver again to restore the functions. Press the red button next to the access card to reset it again.
  5. Test your batteries strength- This is very common issues if you are using the remote continuously then it might get discharged. Press the hold and select button to check the green light is blinking or not, If it is then the remote battery is working, if not then it loses charge (test your batteries speed with the tester).
  6. Check the sensor of remote – You need to check whether an outer thing is not blocking the sensor of the Tv then check your remote IR using a smartphone. Turn on the camera from your phone put the remote close to the lens of the camera then check the image on the remote screen You will see the infrared light or flashing when your remote is receiving the signals

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Note: If these problems are not enough then buy a new one or call the Directv help center.

Final Words

It is very easy to program DirecTV remote all you need is a proper one-time proper guide from your nearby cable operator. With the use of its advanced remote feature and Directv receiver, you can stream unlimited content anytime. 

In this article, there is the step by step guides on how to program DirecTV remote. If you find any difficulties Call the DirecTV support number for more help and information.