Directv Now

Overview of Directv Now 

DirecTV Now only launched for those users and subscribers who are tired of using the satellite and cable Tv services. Since 2016 it has become the most popular online streaming service. If you want to cut the cable cord connection and want a replacement then trust me DirecTV now is the best for you.

DIRECTV CCK-W Wireless Cinema Connection Kit (DCAW1R0-01) Directv Now Work
DIRECTV CCK-W Wireless Cinema Connection Kit

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It is regularly updating channels and new services and increasing its business growth nationwide. It is currently beating Google in the form of Hulu live Tv and youtube. Here we will give you the best guide on how does DirecTV now works.

Working of DirecTV Now

If you are looking at how does DirecTV now works then it works completely with the help of an internet connection where you can watch movies, shows, episodes, etc. Earlier for cable wires, users require a plug to connect with the Tv but now with the compatible devices easily that plugs into your Tv and connects to the Wifi network.

Use the best device so that you can quickly log in and watch the on-demand content with DirecTV now you will get the free contract that means you can remove the service without any difficulties. There are many Tv services which let you watch in the new ways but DirecTV now the main aim is to give traditional style feeling to their users.

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Follow the various steps on how does DirecTV now work

  • Choose a 7 -day trial
  • Select different packages of your choice
  • From any supporting device sign up your account
  • Want to stream then connect to the wifi or internet connection
  • Browse what do you want to watch from guide option
  • Finally, enjoy the show
  • You can also stream from your tablets or smartphones  

Common Questions Asked By Customers

Scroll down and you will not only get all the answers which are raised by the users and problems faced during the DirecTV Now service but also the best ways how does DirecTV Now work.

Q- Why choose DirecTV Now?

As mentioned above DirecTV is the AT&T TV streaming service that let you watch movies, shows, episodes with the help of internet connection without cable wire problems. You can enjoy Tv services without a subscription problem because it is totally different from the DirecTV satellite service. There many local channels with DirecTV now provide such as (ABC, CBS, Fox, etc) which other competitors lack.

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Q- How to stream live television On DirecTV Now?

  • Go to DirecTV now website
  • Select the guide option
  • Scroll the guide up and down and search the program
  • Enter the program name to watch
  • After appearing you can also see in the full-screen option by clicking the lower right corner option.

*You can also visit the website and login to the account using your own laptop or computer.

Note- It does not work with Roku device

Q- What Internet speed required to stream DirecTV now?

For enhancing better quality videos or pictures for streaming content you need to have fast internet connection speed.

  • For mobile connections, it requires the slowest speed of 150 kbps- 2 Mbps
  • For high definition video quality, it needs 2.5 to 7.5 Mbps
  • In-home internet with multiple devices it requires 12+Mbps

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Q- What are the best Supporting devices?

  • Amazon, Android devices
  • I Phones
  • I Pads
  • New generation Apple Tv
  • Google chrome cast
  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome version 58 or more
  • Safari version 10 or more
  • Google Cast on supported Vizio and LeEco TVs
  • Tablets smartphones
  • Amazon streaming stick
  • Web browsers

Q- Can you stream multiple devices with DirecTV Now?

Yes, with DirecTV now you can stream up to 2 devices at once if you want to allow 3 devices then you have to pay $5 for upgrading. Each account needs 2 devices to stream or if you want other services then it requires an additional account.

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*If you want more than 2 devices to stream then use sling Tv, youtube, PlayStation.Vue services.

Q- Does DirecTV have a DVR system?

DirecTV Now has the best feature of a cloud DVR service. Users get an amazing facility of 20 hours recording that can be stored up to 30 days. Just pay $10 per month this summer you can get 100 hours recording up to 90 days. It has all the streaming bundles which limit the amount of storage where you can watch your recordings.

Q- Best offer currently

Users get a 7-day free trial facility like the competitors. There are no fees until 1 week if you like the service then continue otherwise cancel anytime. With the unlimited choice enhanced or unlimited plan enhanced there is a $15 off per month using the AT&T services for 2 months with the 15off2 promo code.

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Earlier, the cost was $60 where there are various issues such as restrictions in speed, mobile hot spot, and bad video quality. Afterward, the cost increased up to $80 with the best family packages, including HBO.

Q- What are the Channels list in DirecTV Now?

There are multiples of channels in DirecTV  Now? see the list of every channel from every package.

  • AXS TV – live + on demand
  • Baby First – live
  • BBC America – live +on demand
  • BET- live+on demand
  • Bloomberg TV – live
  • Bravo – live + on demand
  • C-Span- live
  • C-Span 2 – live
  • Cartoon Network – live+on demand
  • CMT – live + on demand
  • CNBC – live +on demand
  • CNN – live + on demand
  • Comedy Central – live + on demand
  • Discovery – live + on demand
  • Disney Channel – live + on demand
  • Disney Junior – live + on demand
  • Disney XD – live + on demand
  • E!  – live +on demand
  • ESPN –  live + on demand
  • ESPN2 – Live
  • Food Network – live +on demand
  • Fox – on demand
  • Fox Business – live
  • Fox News – live
  • FOX Sports 1 – live +on demand
  • Freeform – live+on demand
  • FX – live + on demand
  • FXX – live+on demand
  • Galavision – live + on demand
  • Hallmark Channel – live+on demand
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – live+ on demand
  • HGTV – live+on demand
  • History – live/on-demand
  • HLN – live
  • Investigation Discovery live+on demand
  • Lifetime – live+on demand
  • MSNBC – live+ on demand
  • MTV – live+on demand
  • MTV2 – live+on demand
  • National Geographic – live+on demand
  • NBC – on demand
  • Nick Jr. – live+on demand
  • Nickelodeon – live+on demand
  • RFD-TV-  live
  • Spike – live+on demand
  • Syfy – live + on demand
  • TBS – live+on demand
  • TCM – live+on demand
  • TeenNick – live+on demand
  • Telemundo – on demand
  • TLC – live+on demand
  • TNT – live+on demand
  • TruTv – live+on demand
  • TV Land – live+ on demand
  • Univision – live+ on demand
  • USA Network – live+ on demand
  • Velocity – live
  • VH1 live+on demand
  • Viceland – live + on demand
  • WE tv live+on demand
  • WeatherNation – live

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Q- What are the packages of DirecTV Now? 

Currently, DirecTV now is offering one of the best channels in base package with the most expensive price. On the other side, there are channels which are low in cost. The availability of multiple local channels with DirecTV now will depend upon which area you are living in.

See the packages below :















Note –

  • NFL Sunday match ticket is shown in different areas such as Boston, LA, Hartford, Phoenix, Louisville, Philadelphia, San Antonio, etc and it is expanding in different parts of the US in the coming future.
  • Spanish language sport – if you will select Xtra or Ultimate pack then you will have a variety of Spanish sports channels such as  Univision, ESPN reports, Fox, bein sports. If you will select the $15 plan then which adds Univision, Estrella TV, Discover Channel en Español, and Cinelatino.

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Q- Which is the best plan to choose from in DirecTV Now?

DirecTV now offers 4 subscription options to choose from. It has one of the most limited and expensive channels which are included in every basic pack such as  ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.

Live a little – With this package you will get more than 60+ channels. There is a basic channel package which has all the cartoon channels included in it such as cartoon network, Disney channels, etc. (Cost- $40)

Just right – In this plan users will get more than 80+ channels that include all the sports channels such as MLB and IFC. (Cost – $55)

Go big – This service offers to its customers more than 100+ channels in different areas such as sports, movies, and family-oriented content. (Cost -$65)

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Gotta have it – Here you will get 120+ channels availability and get an ultimate package from multiple Starz encore channels with great movie channels. (Cost- $69)

Q- What is the Availability of local channels?

  • Networks are based on the billing zip code and depend on the area which is you are present.
  • You can only enjoy live streaming in local areas its unavailable in a different zip code.
  • Find the availability of local channels for more live streaming using DirecTV now.
  • Go to the zip code lookup tool and search whether the sports or regional channels are available where you stay.
  • Users can also bring on-demand content if the tool is not available in a specific location.

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Q- Are there limited local channels options?

Yes, there are limited local live channels that you can watch because of AT&T deals with local affiliate stations in each city. To show the content on DirecTV Now many companies tie-up with the affiliate directly rather than major networks such as – ABC, NBC, Fox, etc.

Q- How to cancel DirecTV Now easily?

To cancel DirecTV now there is less pain you can anytime uninstall the service. Follow the steps and cancel your service immediately if you want.

  • Go to the website
  • Click on the settings
  • Go to the user account
  • Select manage my plan
  • And click “Cancel Plan” option
  • Your account is deactivated

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DirecTV  Now is the best tv streaming service that works with the help of an internet connection. In this article, you will not only get the steps to know how does DirecTV now works but also get information about local channels, what plans and packages do DirecTV Now provide and which is the best plan according to your area.