Roku is a well known digital media player. It comes with required equipment which includes an infrared remote. But sometimes your remote may not work due to some reason or few technical issues. Therefore you may face many problems when you want to watch your favorite TV programs or movies on your Roku Device.

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Hence here in this article, we will let you know, how to resolve Problems with Roku infrared remote? So Don’t worry because we help you to resolve all problems with Roku infrared remote and types of remote.

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Types of Roku Remote

There are two types of remote Standard one is called IR Remote or infrared remote and the other one is Enhanced point Remote.

Well, if you are not sure about that which type of remote are you using? Hence for it, there is a simple method to find out this. Just remove the cover from the battery compartment and look for a pairing button.

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A remote with a pairing button is called Enhanced point “anywhere” remote. If you have this type of remote. This article helps you to resolve your problem. But first of all you have to know that How Enhanced point  “anywhere” remote works?

How “Anywhere” Remote Works?

This remote is connect over with wireless. and this allows installing your Roku device on your cabinet with a door or behind the TV.

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During setup Enhanced point “anywhere” try to create a connection with your Roku device through a process called pairing. If you have remote you will get a message like this. After some time pairing process is completed now you are ready to control your device with your remote. Now we will discuss the problems with Roku IR (infrared) remote.

Reason Behind Roku Infrared Remote Not Working

When you press a button of your remote and device is not responding. if your remote is not working to worry about the device is damaged. The common reason for not responding is a Roku device is located in a position where the signal is blocked.

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It failed to establish a connection between your remote and your Roku device. And the second reason is low or dead your remote batteries.

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To resolve the problems try the following steps. Make sure you can see the front of your device from where you are using the remote. And put your remote left or right and make sure always pointing directly at the Roku device.

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If you have checked that there are no abstractions. That blocking the signal of your remote, and your Roku device. Reset the batteries re-insert your remote batteries, and  You may need to replace your remote. 

If you have owned a smartphone with a camera. You may be able to check whether the remote is sending an infrared signal or not? A connection with your Roku device.

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Well I hope that in this article you have get the best required information about Roku Infrared Remote problems and various other types of Roku Infrared Remote and other types. Roku is very useful device to stream your favorite TV shows and movies any time you wish to watch.