Anyone can cast apps such as YouTube or Netflix from phone to TV. you can stream any channels directly to your Roku device or Roku TV. if you want to direct or cast to your TV that you are already watching on your mobile or tablet device. You can do it in easy steps.


Important tips

  • You need to install the YouTube or Netflix (supported application) on your both mobile and streaming device if already installed it is good news. This application supports the Roku cast function. Both applications YouTube and Netflix have a similar method to cast on the big screen. You can do it wirelessly with no trouble.
  • For casting your content on the big screen, both devices should be connected with the same network as your Roku device. If it is not connected under the same network, then it will not work.

Procedure to cast YouTube and Netflix from phone to Roku step by step

If you wish that your video needs the big-screen treatment, then you can follow these steps to cast your video from YouTube and Netflix directly on your streaming device or Roku TV. The process is similar for both applications. Let start

  • Launch the application on your mobile or tablet.
  • Choose the video that you want to cast.
  • Tap on “Cast” icon (the cast icon looks like a TV screen in the upper right corner).

    press the cast button
  • Then choose your Roku when prompted to select a device.

    Select Roku Device
  • Finally, enjoy your content on the big screen.

    watch your content

Casting v/s Screen Mirroring

It seems the term Roku casting and screen mirroring to be similar, but it has much difference when using them with the Roku device. The casting and screen mirroring are commonly interchanged in the industry, here are some difference.


S. no.


Screen Mirroring

1.What content can you watch?You will watch only the content of the supported application that you are playing on your mobile or tablet device.Screen mirroring will allow you to view any installed app on your mobile or tablet device.
2.What will we see on TV?You will watch the only playback of the selected part of the content.You will see the entire screen of your tablet or mobile device even button and menus and every action will be mirrored on your Roku TV.
3.How to control playbackCasting features allow you to use your mobile device to control your playback and even you can use your Roku remote to control itIn this section, all the action will be controlled through a mobile device only.
4.Can I power off the mobile?Yes, once casting begin you can use other functions or do something else on your mobile device. And you can also power it off entirely.No, Screen mirroring requires the powered on till your mobile mirroring the content on your TV.
5.Supported tablet or mobile deviceCasting feature is supported by most of the mobile or tablet device If the casting icon appears on the application it means your mobile device compatible for casting and you can send content on your TV screen.Screen mirroring is not compatible with all devices. It is limited to some compatible window and Android device.


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Frequently asked Questions

Can I play my personal videos, music, and photos on the Roku device?

Yes, you can play your personal videos, music, and photos on the Roku device via USB or hard drive and local area network (DLNA). For more information, read this article:- How to Stream My Content on Roku Device via USB

Can I cast to Roku from iPhone?

Yes, you can cast to Roku device through your iPhone. You need to follow the same procedure.

Can I power off of my mobile during casting?

Yes, once casting begins, you can use other functions or do something else on your mobile device. And you can also power it off entirely.

How to set up a YouTube account on Roku?

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How to activate Roku account through

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I hope your all doubts are clear now, I have explained “How can I cast apps like YouTube or Netflix from my phone to My TV,” “Important tips of Roku cast,” “Procedure to cast YouTube and Netflix from phone to Roku step by step,” “Casting v/s Screen Mirroring,” and “Frequently asked Questions”.

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