How to easily setup Roku Streaming Device

Although Roku Device is easy to setup, rarely users have problems with it. In addition, you must connect your Roku streaming device to use the Roku link code in the account to use the Roku link code. Here we will present you some simple step that will help you to activate your Roku device. Follow the step to add your streaming device to the Roku account.

  • First and foremost, open the URL.
  • After this, enter the Roku activation code on this web page.
  • Then submit your Roku com link code to proceed.
  • Now you have to create a Roku account.
  • After that, provide details such as name, password, and email confirmation.
  • If you already have a Roku account, you can sign in with your previous Roku account.
  • Just enter your username or password.
  • Now you have to choose the payment method.
  • You can either choose credit card as well as PayPal account options.
  • If you want to choose a credit card method, you need to provide your credit card details.
  • Otherwise, enter your PayPal account details.
  • After performing the previous step, click the continue button to proceed.
  • After that, set a unique Roku transaction PIN set for official purchase.

Now, your Roku activation process has been executed. You can now access the Roku Channel Store. Also, remove Roku channels from the Roku channel store and start streaming with the Roku streaming player.

How to set up a Roku streaming stick

The Roku streaming stick is the only product that you can use anywhere at any time and can take it in your pocket. In addition, Roku streaming stick contains all the highlights of the Roku streaming player. Since this is a Roku product, you first need to activate the Roku account. Before the account activation, you have to set up a Roku streaming stick with your home TV. Now, we are going to start setup Roku streaming stick.

Roku streaming stick setup:

1. First and foremost, you need to open the new streaming player box and check all the necessary things, for example, Roku remote and the power batteries, power adapter, and a streaming stick.

2. After this, attach your Roku streaming stick to the TV by following the steps given below:

  • First, insert the power adapter behind the stick.
  • Then insert the streaming stick at the end of your home TV.
  • After this turn on the plug-in power adapter and the power switch in the wall outlet.

3. Then you can see the startup screen and choose a language for text input.

4. You now have to provide an internet connection.

5. After that, select the network name and enter the username and password on the screen.

6. Wait for the software update to restart now.

7. After performing the restart process, you can see a unique Roku code on the TV screen. account activation process:

1. First, visit Roku’s official website from your computer or laptop devices.

2. After that, you can see the activation code on your device screen and you have to enter the Roku code here and click the submit button.

3. Roku account creation is the most important part. Therefore, you have to create a Roku account.

4. If you have registered at Roku first, then just log in and proceed.

5. Now select a payment method. You can choose either a credit card or a PayPal payment method.

6. After doing the previous step, create a Roku transaction PIN.

7. In addition, complete the process to add channel and access the Roku Channel Store.

Also, if you have any questions or problems regarding the Roku streaming stick, then you can go to Roku com link support.

Account activation

If you want to know the steps to a user Roku device, then it is good. Otherwise, you can see guidelines to use a Roku device.

  • First and foremost, access the Roku channel store.
  • Next, you have two options; Open either through a Roku account or a Roku device.
  • Then search your favourite channel through search option or category.
  • After this, click on that channel.
  • After performing the previous step, you must follow the on-screen instruction to install the channel on Roku.
  • Finally, access your channel for streaming.

It is not clear, but it may be possible to face the problem with the account. Therefore, we are trying to fix our activation issues with the active information below.

  • First, you must re-enter the Roku activation code the official website of Roku.
  • If unsuccessful, then try to use the second method.
  • Move to the streaming device.
  • Select the “help” option there.
  • Then, click on “Get New Code”.
  • Try connecting your device to this new Roku activation code.

I hope your all queries related to the setup of Roku streaming device has been solved if you are still suffering from issues? Then do not worry that just supervise with support. Or call us (toll free). Our Roku support team will guide you to set up your streaming device to the Roku account.