Your Roku account allows you to purchase subscriptions of channels by the payment method, rent or buy movies and TV shows, or make other purchases from the Roku Channel Store. You can create a Roku Channel Store with Roku PIN (Personal Identification Number). Let’s know what is Roku pin?

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What Is My Roku PIN?

Your Roku PIN is a 4 digit unique number, that can prevent unauthorized users in your home from purchasing items from your Roku Channel Store. Once a PIN has been created, it must be entered in order to authorize any transaction with the Roku Channel Store.

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Roku Channel Store PIN

The Roku doesn’t offer a Parental Control include the Apple TV or Xbox 360, however, there are a few protections you can execute. One of which includes a Channel Store PIN. Except if you have the right PIN number, channels can’t be included either free or paid.

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How To Create A Roku Channel Store With Roku PIN Number?

It enables the client to control when stations or motion pictures can be included and when to buy can be influenced using the Roku Device to join to the Same Roku Account. If you don’t have a PIN on your Roku Account, we strongly recommend you to set up one.

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To set it up, sign in to your Roku account on the web. At that point click update alongside Channel Store PIN. Presently select how you need to use your four-digit PIN. Either require it for making buys or for including channels—including free ones through your Roku Account.

When you are finished setting it up, select the Save option and wait for a few minutes. After a successful update of your Roku Preferences, You can make your Roku Purchases More securely and easily. When you make a PIN, It must be entered to support any exchange with the Roku Channel Store.

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How To Create Secure Roku PIN For Roku Devices?

Roku PIN is basic to anchor your record and keep the unapproved channel buys. To create the Roku PIN, follow these steps.

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Steps-1:- To begin with, visit the Roku website ( on your computer system or smartphone and then go to step 3.

Step-2:- If you do not have an existing account on the Roku then first create your account on the Roku website.

Step-3:- Click on the Update button that is visible under the PIN preference.

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Click on the Update button that is visible under the PIN preference.

Step-4:- Select your PIN inclination from the three decisions.

  • Continuously require a PIN to make buys and to include things from the Channel Store.
  • Continuously require a PIN to make buys.
  • A PIN isn’t required to make any buy or include anything from the Channel Store.

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Presently select how you need to utilize your four-digit PIN. Either require it for making buys or for including channels – including free ones.

Select your PIN inclination from the three decisions.

Step-5:- If you pick both of the initial two decisions and have not made a PIN. You will be provoked to enter a four-digit number in the PIN field. Also, select the Verify PIN field for confirmation.

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Step-6:- As of now if you have a PIN, enter your PIN in the Verify PIN field. Now, if you or any other user go to the Channel Store, then PIN will be required.

Step-7:- Click the submit button to save the PIN and agree to the term of services.

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Notes:- Making a Roku PIN just influences the capacity to buy or include channels from the Roku Channel Store. It doesn’t channel or square substance from the Roku Channel Store.

How To Add or Update Roku PIN?

  • Go to the website
  • Log in to your account when prompted.
  • Click on the “Update” button under PIN preferences.
  • Now open the PIN settings menu.
  • You Can create new or update current PIN by entering four digits PIN.
  • Both the PIN must match in the provided fields.
  • Select the PIN usage preference from the provided list.
  • Click on the “Save Changes” to save your PIN and setting selection.

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Note: You can choose to “always require a PIN for purchases and channel installation”, or can choose “Require a PIN only for purchases”. Also, you can select to “Turn off the PIN function”.

Some Tips And Tricks To Manage PIN & Payment Methods

Well, the Roku PIN settings can only affect the “Make purchases” or “Add channels to your Roku” process. Although the TV, channel, and movie purchase made through your Roku device are final. Because usually, Roku does not refund these purchases.

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Not all the channels support paying through a Roku account with a PIN. Thus you may be required to purchase some content directly from the service provider. Although requiring a PIN to install new channels will not affect the content that played on Roku.

However, parental controls are available only on premium channels like – Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO GO, etc. Also, content filtering may set up through an online account with each service.

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You can consult with your provider’s help section for additional information about available options. If you want to use a PIN for purchases, must be sure to set up a payment method from your Roku account.

Although an outdated payment method can prevent you from making purchases using a Roku PIN. Purchases made on your devices will be billed to your credit card on file. Also, you can set a credit or debit card or Paypal as your default payment method for your Roku account.

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You can add a payment method just by clicking the “Update” option in your Roku account menu. Using a secure Roku PIN is a quick way to make purchases from your Roku devices. Also, you can access your new content immediately. You can also use your PIN to purchase any Roku accessories or upgrades your Roku device easily.

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Roku ordinarily does not give discounts to buys produced using the Roku Channel Store. The PIN is only required for adding channels from the device itself. If you add the channels, including Hidden Channels from the website, not required the Roku PIN.

Get support for your Roku Device at our toll-free Roku customer service.