Roku youtube

Roku is a very popular device which is now beating many devices such as Amazon firestick, Chromecast, and other cable services. It comes with the streaming stick and connects through HDMI to your Roku Tv. With the small package, you will be able to stream 4k content.

 As you know that accessing youtube on TV is very difficult. But now your favorite youtube app is now available on Roku channel store easily. If you want then you can also activate the Roku Xfinity app on your new Roku model. You will be able to watch videos through the Roku youtube streaming app via internet connection. So follow the simple instructions

Roku Youtube activation steps

If you have an older version of Roku and you do not have the access of youtube service it is very simple and easy to add it. After adding the youtube to Roku you will be repeating the same steps for any channel which is available. 

  • Switch on the Tv and connect it to the Roku youtube adding the wifi network. Then login into the Roku account.
  • Add the youtube channel open the search option and type the youtube channel on it. This is a free service and has a good number of ratings. You only need to click on the additional channels and the Youtube will be immediately added to the Roku account. Go to the homepage and you can choose any of the two options either go to channel or My channel. You will see the Youtube channel icon with the other channels which you added in the past. 
  • The third step is to activate Roku youtube account you have to log in the youtube account through Roku. Your screen will pop up 8 digits to activate your youtube account. Access it with the smartphones or tablets and enter the code and connect with the Roku.
  • Pair device – Using the phones, laptops, and computer pair your Roku youtube account via link code. Scan the QR code from 
  • Now you can access youtube on Roku.  

After appearing on the screen it will take few seconds to load but it will immediately appear once the icon will be available on the full screen. With the same procedure, you can add channels to your Roku. You can also search from the channels guide from your Roku.

Features of Youtube on Roku

  • You can record multiple programs at the same time without any storage problems
  • Library tabs include most-watched recording, latest episodes, shows, and event.
  • Your home tab will include pause and resume watching. You can also easily pick up another device after you reach home. 
  • There is also another amazing feature of the live tab where you can see what topic is airing latest. 
  • Background playback experience 
  • Each family member gets their own access to login and DVR recommendations.  

Troubleshooting errors In Roku Youtube

Adding channels is one of the easiest and painless things in Roku. All you need is good internet connectivity to access your content. Scroll down and check what are the different number of problems Roku have and the quickest way to fix them. 

Poor quality video 

For streaming non-stop 4k or HD entertainment in your Roku TV you need quality wifi to carry your signals. Your signal strength should be strong for accessing 7GB data every hour. So, if you are getting bad quality image it’s because of a network, not your Roku device fault. If you find no improvement in your network connection then you can download the wifi analyzer app for checking the signal strength by the streaming stick. Change the wifi channel name so that it is not used by the others around you. 

No audio and video channels

If you are adding a channel and facing audio and video issues scroll the steps and fix the problem  

Easy steps to set up video-

  • Select the setting and network option
  • Tap on the About and see if there is any connected status 
  • Select the check connection to perform the network test

This is also one case where your video will work properly if your Roku search and menu are working properly. If this not works then check to try again or update. First select settings – system- system restart. 

Easy steps to step up the audio –

This is also another issue with the Roku when you add the new the video will continue as same and the audio will disappear. Even though the other channels will work properly. But if you are using the new Roku model through HDMI then you need Dolby digital or stereo. It will automatically set to the optical audio which is used for the audio system and not for DirecTV connections. 

  • In your Roku menu select the settings options 
  • From your device change the default settings 

Tough to reset Roku

 It is very difficult to reset your Roku all you can do is press the reset button from your Roku streaming and hold it for maximum 15 minutes then release it and allow the Roku to load. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of YouTube on Roku?

The cost of Roku YouTube channels is $35 per month with 40+ channels. 

What is the supporting device on Roku YouTube?

  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku streaming stick and streaming stick plus
  • Xbox one
  • Roku Premiere and premier
  • Roku 2, 3 and 4
  • Xbox one S
  • Roku express and express+

Does YouTube TV work with the Roku?

It works with all the models of Roku device whether it is a streaming stick box or TV. YouTube is an inbuilt service in Roku so it supports every device. 

How can I stream YouTube from my phone to my Roku?

  • Open the app on your mobile or tablet 
  • Click o the cast option 
  • Choose the Roku device 
  • Finally, you can stream your content

What are the channels available in YouTube Roku?

There are a variety of channels in the Roku such as –

AMC, CBS, Fox, NBC, TCM, TNT, BBC World, BBC America, TRU TV, Cartoon Network, cheddar business, CNBC, Cheddar news, Telemundo, bravo, nat geo wild, CW Disney XD, Disney Junior, ESPN, ESPN 2, Disney junior, E, FS1, FS2, FX, FXM, sundance, taste mate, and also watch ABC on Roku including local and regional channel.  


Roku devices allow their customer to watch free and paid content. Now YouTube is easily available on each single Roku model. You just need to log in the account and check the subscription and playlist. Instead of using your Roku remote you can access it with your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphones. Here in this article, you will get to know the Roku YouTube activation steps, what are the Roku model issues and many more.