Few Roku players provide full support to a slot of Micro SD Card on Roku Device. You can increase the amount of internal storage space using a Micro SD Card it enables you to install channels and games from the Channel Store. This article will explain to you all the performance of the Micro SD card so you can enjoy as content as per your choice on the Roku streaming device. Also, read 13 Easy Tips & Tricks For You to Speed Up Your Roku Service

First, you need to know little things about the Micro SD card on the Roku device; you need to be aware of these things.

If you own a Roku 3, Roku Premiere+, or Roku Ultra. You notice that there is a Micro-SD card slot for an external Micro SD card, which will help you to expand the storage capacity of your Roku device. This device includes internal flash storage to install the channel and game app.

Adding Micro SD card allows you to re-install the applications on your internal flash storage of Roku device, If your Roku device play AVI or you have installed thousands of application such as a game and channel app, this step can slow the speed of launching of the app.

When you install the Micro SD card to the Roku device, then the flash-card will get automatically formatted by the Roku device. The Micro-SD card slot is not for storing video files or other content. For accessing the personal media you need a USB or hard drive.

Install Micro SD Card on Roku Device

Here is the procedure to insert the Micro SD card to your device, follow the steps.

  • Insert the Micro SD card into the backside of the device, you will hear the sound of a click as it locks into place, if you want to remove the Micro SD card then push the card again and it will eject or release.

(Note– you should remove HDMI cable from the backside of the Roku device at the time of inserting SD card, then reinsert the HDMI cable after inserting the Micro SD card.)

Micro SD Card on Roku Device
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  • A pop will appear on the TV screen showed “Micro SD card detected. ”
  • Select Format using the Remote key

Note: it will delete all data of the Micro SD card when you choose the Format option.

  • Continue to format, it will take a few minutes depending on card capacity.
  • Once formatting completed, a dialogue box will open “Formatting Complete”. Then choose OK
  • Now Roku device can use Micro SD card for installing new games and channels

For the better experience, we recommend using minimum Class rating 2 and above 2 GB storage Micro SD card. Memory class rating also affects the speed of accessing data. Let’s make it more clearly with the help of an example.

A class 2 Micro SD cards can transmit 2 Mb data per second and the other hand class 10 Micro SD cards can transmit 10 Mb data per second. So which class rating will you choose? Of course, you will choose a high-speed capability card class 10 rating.

Remove Micro SD Card To Roku

For removing the micro SD card from the backside you have to push the Micro SD card and it will eject the card.

After removing the Micro SD card there will not be more changes, only you will see the icon of installed games or channels application, you will have to download all the application again from the Roku channel store, the best thing is that Roku will not charge for an existing application which you have already purchased. You can download all the applications from the Roku channel store. also, read Why You Should Upgrade Your Roku To Latest Release?

Many people think that “their favorite channels are stored in the Micro SD card if they move their Micro SD card to another device they will be able to watch the same” but it is not possible, you can not move the channels stored on the SD card because as they insert Micro SD to another Roku device it will be reformatted by that device.

Inserting MicroSD Card To Roku 2

Above the HDMI port, you will notice a microSD card slot at the backside of the Roku 2 device. The microSD card slot allows you to increase the storage space of your Roku 2 device. Using this extra storage space you can store more Roku channels and games.

MicroSD card size is 15x11x1 mm, it is smaller than SD flashcards used in many digital devices. MicroSD cards are enough to fit in a small streaming device – Roku 2!

Roku added the MicroSD card slot primarily for supporting the availability of more games and channels in the future. The models of Roku 2 has enough storage space for holding several games. After adding the only 2 GB MicroSD card, you can store up to 50 games, it totally depends on the size of the games. If you don’t like to play many games, you can go for video and music channels and you can add over a hundred channels to your Roku device.

Inserting the MicroSD card in Roku 2 is quite simple, you need the push the card in the slot of MicroSD card at the backside of Roku 2 and then you have to follow the on-screen instruction for the further procedure.

Few More Details For Using MicroSD Card

  • If you wish to remove MicroSD card from your Roku 2 streaming device, then all the installed games or channels need to re-install on the internal storage for the next time launch.
  • The MicroSD card is only used for store channels and games. You are not able to use it as to-read files, like photos, music, and videos. If you want to see your personal data on your Roku device. You can use the USB port on the Roku 2 XS model.
  • Without formation, Roku doesn’t allow you to use the same MicroSD to another Roku device. It is forbidden for security reasons.
  • For playing motion enable game you need to purchase the Roku Game Remote with a motion control feature. It allows you to play the game such as Angry Birds. If you don’t have game remote, you will unable to play motion control games. The standard game remote comes with the Roku 2 XS, and it is optional equipment for the version of Roku 2 XD and HD.

Final Words

I hope so your queries regarding how to insert MicroSD card to your Roku device and how to increase storage. If you have steel any confusion regarding the Roku device, you can call our customer care executive. They will help you and solve your all queries. If you like this information please share it with your friends. For any suggestions please comment below, we will work on that and revert you as soon as possible.