How to Solve Roku Error Code 003 - Roku Update Error

Most of the customers are confused with which streaming device they should opt for? Many streaming devices are available on the market. A similar kind of price range of top-selling products makes things a lot more difficult to choose a good product.

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Roku streaming player is a perfect blend of features and performance. And also Roku streaming player works smoothly in 90% cases, at times problems could appear, many experts recommended this. in this article, I will tell you how to solve Roku error code 003 step by step.

As you know it is an electronic device, if you set the wrong connection or selection of a wrong setting could lead to problems with Roku. Sometimes you can face the most common software Error Code 003 Roku, which appears on Roku streaming devices.

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Roku Error Code 003

If you are unable to update the software for your device, you get a Roku error code 003. For this reason, it’s called Roku software error code 003 Roku. When you make up all connection stable and also check the assigned IP address and you would even see it in your router’s connected list.

But when your device performs a primary update, it would drop to an error code 003. For example, when you unwrap the Roku device after taking out from the box, connect the cables and wires and now the installation process begins, the software of Roku updates itself.

If you complete these whole processes properly, then the next step you’ll see is the download of Roku’s firmware updates. You must do not stop this process because having the latest software in Roku will ensure Streaming of entertainment to its full potential.

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If an internet connection is better at that time then your Roku device is going to update the software. Now you would see an error message on the screen with Roku error code 001, 002, 003 and 005.

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Causes of Roku Error 003

Before you move on in implementing the solutions, we discuss the causes of error code 003 Roku;

  • The poor network connection may be the reason for this problem because when the device updates the software it requires a proper internet connection.
  • Because the problem with downloading the updates arise due to a poor internet connection.
  • Sometimes the Roku device has faced network security protocols issues.
  • Roku device is undergoing server problems at their backend and this has been very common in the past.

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How To Fix Roku TV Error Code 003

Here are some of the quick and easy ways you can resolve the Roku TV error code 003;

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Checking Roku Server Status

  • Make sure your internet connection works properly or not. First, fix the Internet issue.
  • Enter the correct wireless internet network username and password, if you have any doubt first confirm it.
  • The wireless network’s name is ‘SSID’ and the password is either ‘WEP’ or ‘WPA’.
  • Maintain the router and Roku within proximity of one another. There should be a proper Internet signal connected between the router and the Roku device.

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Restart Your System

Sometimes a ‘System restart’ usually helps with such a situation.

  • Go to the settings, then system and finally click on System restart and restart your Roku device.
  • While using Roku TV go to settings then power and finally click on the System restart.
  • After that restart your router.

Changing Network Security Protocol

In many cases where Roku refused to update or connect just because of the type of protocol used in the network
you can check and change your network’s security settings at your own risk.

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  • Open the router’s settings then open its settings IP address. You can find this address at the back of the router or is present in its documentation. It is something like ‘’.
  • Check the settings, navigate to Wireless or Security and make sure that the security model is not set as AES in any way. It can be WPAK2-PSK (TKIP).
  • Check the new settings and you can try connecting from your Roku to the network, check if the problem is solved.

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Ethernet And Wireless

  • Some Roku devices that are capable of connecting to the Ethernet.
  • Connect your Roku to the modem by Ethernet cable because it gives you a more reliable connection.
  • If you are the first time connecting your Roku device to the internet network then you will have to follow the network setup process correctly.

I hope this article will help you if you still need help or want any further discussion on this topic then talk to our experts at toll-free Roku customer service number.