Roku allows you to watch free and paid videos on your TV with the help of internet. There are some models of Roku devices that allow Ethernet or cable connections. Roku is a streaming device that requires an internet connection. This device has loaded movie streaming services such as Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube, etc. Roku plugs from your TV using an HDMI cable, which is connected to your TV from the Roku device. Then Roku is connected to the Internet through your home network via wired or wireless connection. Sometimes, It shows some error while connecting with TV. In these errors, the Roku error 014 has been viewed most often. The Roku setup usually ensures that the device is not able to get the IP address from your router.

What is Roku error code 014

There are currently several reasons that Roku cannot detect enough IP addresses. This error is displayed correctly by the device using error code in device error 014. The proper format for this error is 014.xx where xx is another numerical pair that shows why Roku is not getting the local IP address. The last two numeric values explain the proper code of technical failure. When you play your device on the TV system then You can face this error. There are some reasons for this error.

Reasons Behind it:

  • You entered the wrong WiFi password then error code can be generated.
  • When the router is far away from your TV  device then Wifi signals breaks and Roku error takes place.
  • Some kind of problem with your router or can be on your network settings.
  • You have enabled a whitelist option on your router device.
  • Antivirus or firewall block access to Internet access.

How to Fix Roku Error 014:

You can solve this error easily. If you really want to resolve this error then we provide you with some steps. These steps are helpful to resolve the Roku error 014.

  • First of all, verify that you have entered the correct password.
  • The router area is along 20 feet away from the TV device. Because if your Roku device is far away from the TV the signals breaks and your device shows the error. Weak signal always decreases the performance of output.
  • Check your network setting. If the wire is the connected wire is break or damage then your system generates the Roku error code 014 on your TV screen.
  • Disable the whitelist option from your Roku device.
  • Always disable firewall and antivirus options. After these steps, you have to unplug your router with electricity. Restart your device after some time. Now you can check that your device is working properly.

Connect your Roku Device with wifi

Roku streaming player provides you to connect the Roku device and your TV without any cable. There are several channels in Roku but some channels work only without the internet connection. You can easily stream videos from your PC or USB stick with the stop media player on TV.  Now we will explain all the steps and you can connect your Roku device with the Wifi network. The process is simple and you can easily manage this. Follow all the steps.

First of all, Connect the Roku device to your WiFi home router using an ethernet cable.

Connect one end of the power adapter to your Roku device, and plug the other end into the power source.

  • Insert the battery into your Roku remote.
  • Start your Roku device.
  • After this go to the Roku Home screen.
  • Select the setting button and then networks >” Wireless”>” Set up new Wifi connections”.
  • You have to choose your Wifi connection from the list.
  • Enter your Wifi password in the box if you provided. Make sure that password is correct. If your password is incorrect then it can’t be able to connect.
  • After this step click on the done and you can see the three green check marks that indicate your Wifi connection setup is successfully installed.

Now your Roku device is ready for work. The wifi setup is successfully installed in your device. You are able to operate the device with your TV.

I hope after reading the instruction given above, you are able to solve this error on your own. If not then call our toll-free Roku customer service number 1-844-573-0162. Roku contains lots of series and all settings are depending on the device model. All pieces of information are available on this website. Then you can search and fox the problem easily. If you have any other query related to Roku com/link or any other issues then feel free to contact us.