There is no need to tell you the introduction or history of Roku because it is already a famous brand all over the USA. But if we are talking about its background then sometimes, you will face the problem with your Roku remote.

Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players and Roku TVs
Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players and Roku TVs

These Roku remote Problems are depending on the type of remote you have. Here we are helping you to resolve these remote problems in Roku.

Fix Your Roku Remote Problems

Before the correction, you should first clear which type of remote you use with your Roku streaming player.

Roku Ultra | Streaming Media Player 4K/HD/HDR with Premium JBL Headphones 2019
Roku Ultra | Streaming Media Player

Types of Roku Remote

  • Enhanced point
  • Standard Infrared remote

If you are not determining the type of remote then, you can remove the cover from the battery and you can look for a pairing button. The pairing button is called Enhanced remote.

Enhanced Point

This type of remote control uses anywhere, even, you can use the home wireless network to send a signal. You can point it anywhere, it does not need to point directly on the Roku device. Without a direct connection, you can work on this. Install your Roku device behind your TV or closer to the door.

TCL 50S425 50 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV (2019)
TCL 50S425 50 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV

The first step tries to connect remotely with a Roku device by pairing. After pairing, there will be a message for setting up your Roku device. After a minute, the pairing process will complete and it will ready to work.

If your Enhanced remote is not working then use troubleshoot to resolve the problem.

  • Restart Roku device and Roku player: Switch off the Roku device and remove the batteries from your remote. Then remove the cable from your Roku device and wait for 5 seconds and then restart the cable. When the Roku will display screen, then insert your battery. After that, you should wait for 30 seconds to see the connection of your Roku device.
  • Repair the remote: Open the battery and remove the battery from your device. Remove the cable from the Roku device and wait for 5 seconds. And then reconnect the cable. When the device will display a home screen, then insert your battery. Long press the power button for 5 seconds to see the pairing light flashes. If not flashes the light, then again do the same process and wait for 20 seconds. Your remote pairing will start only if the pairing is successful.
  • Change the remote battery: Open the battery and remove the battery from the remote device. And fix the new battery. Before fixing the new battery remove your cable and wait for 5 seconds. After that give to display a screen on Roku and wait for 20 seconds to restart the device.
  • Replace the remote: Above all the steps fail to solve the problem then, you must replace your remote by purchasing a new remote.

Standard Infrared Remote

It is just opposite to Enhanced remote. In the infrared remote, the remote will pointed directly to work. Sometimes the signal can be blocked in that case it will not work. So solving the problem following steps are there.

  • Make sure that the front panel of your Roku device is visible: By holding a remote, make sure that nothing blocks the devices. If there is any problem, then remove them and move the Roku somewhere. After that, it will start to work properly.
  • Make sure that the battery is set in the proper way: Remove the battery cover and ensure that the battery is set properly if not, then reinsert your battery.
  • Change the battery: Sometimes the battery may be dead. At that time remove the battery and insert a new battery.
  • Change the remote: If all the above steps fail to solve the problem, then replace your remote by purchasing a new remote.

I hope this will help you to resolve your issue related to your Roku remote problems. If still need assistance then call us at our toll-free Roku customer service number.