In this article, you are read about to find your wireless network name and password. Roku is a company who provide that online streaming the TV. Roku player is easy to operate and the least-cost way to watch online TV. You just plug the Roku in your TV & connect to the Internet, then create a Roku account and stream your favourite TV channels.

When connecting to your Roku streaming player or Roku TV on your home wireless network, you have to choose the name of the wireless network. The Roku device scans all available networks and presents a list ordered from the strength of the wireless signal.

How to find your Wireless Network Name and Password:

The Roku streaming device is compatible with 802.11b wireless networks and supports wireless security protocols, like WPA, WEP, and WPA2.

The wireless network name, sometimes called SSID, is the default name that was determined by your ISP or router manufacturer, or when you had set up your wireless network, that was the name.

How to find your wireless network name:-

  • The first step you have to follow, see which network your computer or mobile is connected and then the Roku device shall connect to the same network.
  • The second step is, If you do not see your network name on the list available networks in the “Select Network” screen, then select scan again to see all the networks. It will present a list of all the available networks.
  • The third step is, If you do not remember the name of your wireless network, then go to support sites for your internet service provider or router manufacturer. Also sometimes the default name is listed below the router.

How to get your wireless password:-

  • If you forget your password, then enter the password that you use the same wireless password that you used to connect your computer or mobile device to your home network.
  • If you have forgotten your password, go to the support site for your internet service provider or router manufacturer. They will be able to suggest specific methods to recover the password of their products or reset it. Sometimes the default password is listed below the router.

If you can not find your wireless network name in the search result, then go to the wireless network screen and type the exact wireless network name and select it. A quick scan to find a network name and password.

The password of Roku always is case sensitive.

If you’ve forgotten your WiFi network password.  You can find it if you already have another Window PC connected to your WiFi network. After finding your password, you can use it on any other PC or device to connect to your WiFi network.

On a Windows PC that is connected to your WiFi network. It is depending on which version of Windows is running on your PC:

    1. In Windows 10, you’ve clicked on the start button, then click on the set after that click on Network & Internet < status < Network and Sharing Center. Windows 8.1 or 7, you have a search network and then select Network and Sharing.
    2. The Network and Sharing Center, next to the connection, select your WiFi network name.
    3. In wireless network properties, select the Security tab, then select the Show character checkbox. Your WiFi network password is displayed in the network security key box.

I hope in this article you learn to find your wireless network name and password. If your problem is not solved then you can call our Roku customer service toll-free number .