The Roku has updated its all entire lineup, fixing many problems affecting previous versions of the device. With board upgrades, the Roku device has laid the foundations of his future with this new equipment. Here’s you need to know this.

Roku Express and Express+

Roku Express is the cheapest and easiest package to offer 1080p HD streaming, the most basic form of Roku. Roku Express+ allows users with older TVs who still use A/V cables to convert their old sets to modern smart devices. The Express is $ 29.99, while Express + will set you back $ 39.99. For each remote on the model you need to point out to work on the device, but for less than $42, you are set to see the high definition.

It’s a great deal, and it has been improved by Roku’s final product updates. Every Express model is now five times more powerful than before, many users fixing the annoying issue have been experienced with new apps where navigating was sluggish. Using Express and Express+ is a fast, experiential, whether you’re browsing with a remote or service app included. You are still limited to the maximum 1080p output, but as far as budget streaming devices go, Roku Express cannot be beaten.

Roku Streaming Stick

If you don’t want to mess with set-top boxes or you want to move a device on the road, Roku streaming stick is your choice for you. This $49.99 model is only an HDMI stick that plugs behind any modern TV. For the extra $10 you will pay for the cost of a Roku streaming stick, you get the screen mirroring bonus from your Android or Windows device.

According to Roku, and according to an upgraded remote, Roku has a 50 percent faster processor in its new streaming stick. With power and volume controls for your TV, the remote has been extended to add sound control functions. Yes, your Roku streaming stick can now turn off your TV for you. As long as you do not find other devices on different inputs, no more joggling remotes. Even the convenience makes Roku easy for the whole family use.

Roku Streaming Stick+

The newest addition to the Roku family, the Streaming Stick+, replaces the Roku Premiere and Premiere+. This $ 69.99 wonder is the perfect streaming stick for the future, especially if you plan to upgrade your TV. However, It supporting HD, 4K, and HDR video, the Streaming Stick+ packs a remarkable amount of power into the tiny portable package of an HDMI stick. It has the same “point anywhere” as a standard stick with its voice command and power and volume control is remote. Finally, the device has an advanced wireless receiver that gives you four time the range, which makes it right for the game room from the router. Or, more likely hotel rooms.

We were able to test the streaming stick a unit for a few weeks, and it is the best Roku experience we have so far made. It is quick and easy to navigate the menu even when it comes to entering the login information with the remote. Voice search is a treat, which put only a few words away from your favorite show. Whether you’re planning to upgrade to 4k, but even on an HD TV, the Streaming Stick+ is a killer app.

Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra is now like an odd man of the Roku family. At $99.99, it’s one of the most expensive mid-tier streaming devices on the market, and the most user will have to ask themselves if its unique feature deserve worth $30 premium. For the most part, the Roku Ultra is the only box that was sold by the company earlier. It easily handles HD, 4K, and HDR. There has been some change, including the removal of the optical audio output. There are still charms in Ultra, especially if you need a Media Center, thanks to its USB and MicroSD ports, allowing you play your personal digital media library with a wide range of supported video and audio formats.

If you are someone who always loses your remote, The Roku Ultra might be ideal. Roku Ultra remote includes a speaker, which can be activated only by the Ultra box. Just press the button, and your remote beep will be as long as it is not in your hands. Your remote can still control the volume and power of your TV. The Ultra remote includes the headphone jack so you can watch it in privacy without using your phone. Finally, Ultra is rounded by Ethernet port, which is easy to stream 4K movie if you do not have a particularly fast Wi-Fi router.

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