If the Roku device won’t connect to the internet via the router or access to the internet, you may not be able to configure it. If your network or internet connection is lost after setting up your device, then you may not be able to run channels that require internet connection or experience airborne barriers.

There are two reasons:

  1. You cannot establish a connection with your wireless router. But this is what we will help you correct in this publication.
  2. You are Connected to Your Router And Getting Internet but Not Able to Stream Any Videos Using the Internet.

If Your Roku won’t connect to the router.

1. You used the wrong password or you selected the wrong network.
2. Your Roku is out of range of wireless coverage or fewer network power.
3. You may have an old wireless router.

Fix this issue

Quick solution:- Make sure that the router’s DNS configuration is configured correctly on an external IP address. If DNS1 or DNS2 appears as an internal IP device, such as 192.168.1.x, Roku will not be connected to the internet.”

Below are some example error screens when you see “Roku Unable to connect to wireless network” or “Not connected to the internet”?

  • This screen may appear for the first time when you try to connect your Roku transmission device to your wireless network.
  • The following screen can appear when Roku tries to connect after the wireless network’s name and password is entered.
  • The following screen may appear when you try to run a broadcast channel if you lose network or internet connection.
  • If your network or internet connection is lost during playback, then you can see the following error screen.

How you can check Roku wireless, WiFi, or internet connection.

  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Then select settings.
  3. Select the Network option.
  4. And last select Check connection.

Confirm connection for the two-part test.

1. The first part confirms the connection to your home network and tests the quality of the signal.
2. Part second verifies that you are connected to the Internet and measure the speed of that connection.

If wireless signal power or internet speed is low, on-screen instructions will be provided to help solve the problem.

Note: If your Roku device is not connected to the local wireless network, you will not see the Czech connection option. But you will only see set up connection option.

How can you fix when Roku won’t connect to the network?

Follow these basic steps to resolve this problem:

1. Please enter the correct wireless network name:

Always enter the correct name recognition for your wireless network. An incorrect password changes the identity of the entire network, which makes it incompatible with the password. For those who are not sure about their network specifications, they recommend seeking help to determine their network specifications. If you are selecting a wrong network name you can not connect with the network.

2. Enter the Correct Password:

The passwords are targeted to be very sensitive to detail. This is in the case of lower instances and unique keys current on the keyboard. Mistyping the keys is a frequent issue and for this reason, one is recommended to try the password over and over again minding the specifications.

3. Check your router is working properly:

With your computer or mobile device, contact your home network and try to reach the Internet by starting public websites like roku.com. If you can connect to the Internet from any other device, then your router provides good internet access and you can go to the next step. If you can not connect to the Internet, try restarting the router before contacting your internet service provider.

4. Improve your wireless internet network speed:

If the password is correct and other devices can access the router, but Roku can not still connect to your wireless network, then the problem is in your the strength of the wireless signal. Whenever your router device comes from your router, and the wireless signal becomes weak with more obstacles (such as walls and cabinets) between your router and your Roku device.

5. Reset Roku device or router and default factory settings:

  1. Connect Roku with your TV.
  2. Press Home Key from Roku remote.
  3. Then select Settings from the home list.
  4. After select setting goes to System and presses the OK button.
  5. In System, option selects Advanced System Settings option and press OK.
  6. Now you can see Factory Settings select this and press OK.
  7. Now it will display the code with the box as the keyboard. Use the up and down arrow keys on the Roku remote to select numbers and press OK.
  8. Enter the four digit code and press OK.
  9. Wait for one minute and is being reset.
  10. Roku should now be restored in the default configuration and you can reconfigure it completely as a new Roku device.

Common Roku error codes and how to correct these errors.

Error code 009: This code means that the Roku device is connected to the router, but can not connect to the internet. If there is no connection, contact your internet service provider for assistance. If your computer has an internet connection and you still see error 009, then restart your Roku.

Error code 012: This is an error related specifically to Ethernet. Verify that the Ethernet cable connected to your Roku device and router. If possible please try a different Ethernet wire. If the cable is good, then try to restart your Roku device and router. To more information on how to resolve Roku error code 012

Error code 013: This is an error related specifically to Ethernet. Verify that the router works correctly. If you can connect to the Internet from any other device, restart your Roku. Otherwise, try disconnecting and reconnecting the Ethernet cable. If the problem persists, restart the router before communicating with your ISP.

We hope that this will help you to Fix Roku Won’t Connect to the Internet. In any case, if you are still unable to solve this error on your own, feel free to contact our Roku customer service at +1-844-573-0162.