Roku 4 vs Roku Ultra: Which is Best for you?

Roku ultra and Roku 4 both are popular in Roku ecosystems, and it provides a better search and more customization than any other. The best thing in Roku Ultra can access more TV shows and movies in 4K and HDR than most rival devices. The Roku Ultra have slight differences in hardware and it is a little smaller. Both have extremely similar features but some key differences can make or break the upgrade decision for some consumers, and we will discuss below Roku 4 vs Roku Ultra, you have to find which is best and best suited for you.

Roku 4 vs Roku Ultra: Similar Features

The best thing in Roku Ultra is;

  • Incredible app selection
  • Improved remote
  • Easy to watch your own content
  • Full 4K HDR functionality

The best features of Roku 4 is;

  • Remote with voice search capabilities
  • 4K Ultra HD fast streaming
  • Mobile app to enhance the streaming experience
  • Private listening with headphones that plug into the remote

Processing power: Roku 4 and Roku ultra both have sport quad-core processors, and processing power is very similar. This is not a noticeable difference between the two and speed and performance point of view both are similar.

Supports 4K and HDR video: We already discussed Roku Ultra supports the TV shows and movies in 4K and HDR and now we see the Roku 4 features, it was the first Roku to sport 4K support. Now, this facility continues in the new version of the top-of-the-line product.

Remote Features: Both have lots of similarities on the remote controls and support agnostic voice search. The remotes also have built-in microphones who is supporting to agnostic voice.

Both devices have a USB port, a micro SD slot, an optical audio jack, and, of course, an HDMI port. These ports are available on the same sides of the devices.

Gaming Button: Roku 4 has the A and B button which is available in remote for gaming app selection. Roku Ultra also followed that pattern and it also has A and B gaming buttons. Both have a headphone jack for private listening.

Roku 4 vs Roku Ultra: Comparison

Both have 4K Ultra HDR video supportive features, which displays can read that information and show an image built from a wider range of color and brightness.
Only the new Roku supports Ultra support HDR video, if your TV does not have it, you should consider the upgrade to the ultra.

We can say that one minor difference in Both them, the Roku Ultra can convert Dolby D+ to the older Dolby D format, which the Roku 4 cannot. This only matters if you’re using an older audio receiver. This difference is related to the optical audio input.
The form factor is also differentiating both of them. Roku Ultra has a smaller size than its predecessor, which is a great advantage of this device. It has a large size than to Roku ultra.

If you’re happy with your Roku 4 current 1080p TV set and media box, so you don’t want to upgrade so leave it because the newer device is great, but it isn’t cheap. There might be question come in your mind, should you upgrade your Roku? A simple answer is yes.

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